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Webinar: Leaders of Muslim Propagandist Affairs Council (MPAC) Call me a Troll and Islamophobe for Questioning Them~ Audio Proof

Continuing to stay on the offensive against those who attempt to mislead the country on Islam I attended another webinar today. This one hosted by the Muslim Public errrr….Propagandist Affairs Council (MPAC). A name they have clearly earned.

LAPD to Hold Forum in Islamic Center Linked to Jihad Sermons of Imam Ali!

The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), which recently took to Capitol Hill to fight the anti-Sharia legislation that is being introduced across the country, is now exploiting another one of our freedoms. The freedoms empowered by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. As MPAC is encouraging the slaves to Allah to join the LAPD, and in a recent email they have provided a direct link to apply. Of course the more Muslims that work there, the more influence Islam will have in the department’s policies. We wouldn’t want the police offending “Muslim sensitivities”!