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Islamic Organization Gain Peace Exploits the Covid Pandemic

When it comes to the Muslim propagandists of the Sabeel Ahmed lead Gain Peace Organization, (a subsidiary of The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), the bigger the social issue the better. Because you can be sure that Gain Peace will exploit it. Done in an attempt to mislead the public on Islam.

100’s of Chicago Muslims Take to the Streets to Honor Their Perverted Prophet! ~ Video

Back in 2011 the insidious Islamic organization, Hizb ut-Tahrir America, held a conference in Illinois in which they called for two events that would shake the world. The first being that Muslim armies unite , and the second, the call for Sharia Law to the chants of Allahu Akbar. This was another classic example of how Muslims selfishly plot to destroy non-Islamic countries from within.

Tonight we see that Muslims in Illinois took to the streets this past September to honor the Prophet Mohammad…..errr…the greatest perverted conman whoever lived!

Hello Everyone! ~ CAIR’s Ahmed Rehab Blocks me!

I just wanted to apologize for my absence. My computer had taken its own life, so I had to order a new one. Getting back in action tonight I have realized that CAIR’s (Chicago) Ahmed Rehab, has blocked me from following and responding to him on Twitter. It must have been the comment about Mohammad being a rapist. Rehab, you could have at least put up a fight.

Chicago: American Islamic College Fall Classes Start This Week

We have two major weaknesses in the war with Islam. The first being the Rules of Engagement (ROE), that have our brave troops fighting with one hand tied behind their back. The second being our freedoms, they are the Achilles’ heel of America when it comes to Islam. Muslims are constantly using the freedoms of America to advance Islam. One recent example of this is the Sharia College that was set to open this fall in California.

Today we learn that the American Islamic College (AIC), located at 640 W. Irving Park Rd., Chicago IL is reopening this fall as well. One of the courses the school provides is the “Hadith and Seerah of the Prophet”. Here are some examples of what the ahadith teach Muslims.

Chicago: Islamic Org Attempts to Curtail Liquor Sales

The day before yesterday, I posted a 16 point plan by The Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago. The plan is an attempt to silence the critics of Islam by scaring us off by using the term “Islamophobia”. Today we learn of another one of their plans. The one in which they want to try to severely curtail liquor sales in Chicago. Of course they do not care what non-Muslims want.

US: Muslims Want to Turn House Into Mosque, Neighbors Fight Back

No…this is not a repeat post of Muslims trying to do the same exact thing in Brooklyn NY. This time they are showing no respect to their neighbors in Chicago. Muslims are constantly demanding respect, yet they do not care about the wants and beliefs of non-Muslims. Islam is one-way street, and we should return the favor. Say no to Muslim immigration, and Mosque construction.

US: Pro-Islamic Law Group Gets Booted From Hotel Conference

Recently I posted a video that showed us that Muslims in Europe, are feeling the heat of our anti-Islam movement. Now finally after years of speaking out against Islam, I am seeing more and more Americans standing up for life as we know it, and taking the fight to our enemies. The bottom line here is that sometimes fighting Islam gets discouraging, but if we persist, we can and will win this war. I applaud all those that are part of this movement. The country and world, needs more like you!

Welcome to Shariah Board of America

For years I have been saying that all we need to do is look to the UK to see what is coming our way in regards to Islam. While things are worse across the pond, the Sharia movement in America is alive and kicking. The question is, what are we going to do about it?