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Another day, Another Islamic Threat on Logans Warning~ YAWN

Just four days ago a vicious threat was posted on my site, which I reposted in an article entitled “Islamic Terror Threat Left on Logans Warning!”. The threat was from Pakistan, and tonight this message of “peace” was left in the “Pakistan: Muslims Take to the Streets Against Facebook~ Videos” post. Each threat will only make me speak out more, keep them coming…

Lawmakers: Afghan Leader Threatens to Join Taliban!

Is this finally the last straw? Will we now wake up, and realize that we have no Muslim allies? They are using us for our money, and to gain power. In the end they will stand with Islam against us. It is time to bring the troops home, drill where we can, and end all Muslim immigration and aid. As I have been saying for years, it will be us or them. There will be no middle ground, so take a side.

Russia: New Video Threat of More Islamic Homicide Bombers

In this video update to the recent Islamic homicide attacks in Russia, Shamsuddin Botokayov,the Caucasus Emirate representative states that Russia needs to stay out of their Islamic land, or the attacks will continue. It is just a matter of time before Muslims in countries like the UK, and US call for their own Islamic state within our borders. As with the situation with India vs. Pakistan, Islam continues to divide.

Gen. McChrystal: “We have shot an amazing number of people, but to my knowledge, none has ever proven to be a threat.”

Obama’s man, General McChrystal in Afghanistan, had recently made the following statement, “As a soldier, my personal feeling is that there’s been enough fighting.” Approximately one month later he ordered our great troops to limit their night raids. Now Obama’s lapdog is still complaining about civilian deaths. Maybe he would be happy if US troops put down their weapons all together? If the troops are going to be there, they need to be allowed to fight. If not bring them home already.

China: Erasing Islam

They say miracles happen. Well apparently one did today. Because today I actually agree with a verse in the Koran. Koran verse 11:114 to be specific.