Islamic Terror Threat Left on Logans Warning!

I guess that many Muslims are enraged over this Draw Mohammad Day, as this threat was left for us Americans in the “Muslims set to Counter “Draw Mohammad Day”~ Video” thread.

After I read the comment, I traced his IP address, and sent this to the FBI.


Hi guys,
I run a website which is dedicated to exposing the threat of Islam.

This comment was left on my site yesterday.
JIHADI commented on Muslims set to Counter “Draw Mohammad Day”~ Video – Loganswarning:

u all will go to hell u bastards dumb dick head non muslims u dog americans u jews bastard shit of pigs alll r damn shit fuk u allllllllllllllllllllllllllll jews and chiristians all go to hellllllllllllllllll whatever facebook has been hacked jazakallah by turkish brothers now u all americans go to helll and a good news will cum soon like the times square new york mission did not completed but now we r targetting america sooon good news on the wayyy JIHAD ameen u wiil suffer very big problem in coming days in america a very big blast which can burnt america we r in afghanistan to plan this u will goooo inshallah CODE=hC92822. p
o=221441 CODE NAME :anAhry

Here is the IP address info. IP address location & more:
IP address [?]: [Copy][Whois] [Reverse IP]
IP country code: PK
IP address country: Pakistan
IP address state: Islamabad
IP address city: Islamabad
IP address latitude: 33.7000
IP address longitude: 73.1667
ISP of this IP [?]: PTCL Triple Play Project
Organization: PTCL Triple Play Project
Local time in Pakistan: 2010-05-21 03:11

If you want I could forward you the email alert, to prove to you that I did not make this up.



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