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Wanna be Xmas Plane Bomber was a Facebooker

Failed Christmas Day Islamic terrorist Umar Abdulmutallab, was a fellow FaceBookeer who had posted his jihad fantasies on numerous site across the Internet. If anyone ever sees posts by Muslims in support of taking over the world, please report them to the authorities. All pro-Sharia Muslims are the enemy of Western civilization.

Afghan: Suicide Bomber Walks Into US Base

Sadly we have lost more US Troops, but I have to wonder how an attack like this could even happen. Did this Muslim pose as a friend in the past, or did this maybe have something to do with Obama’s and our General’s new Rules of Engagement (ROE)? May they RIP.

3/4’s of Iraqi Christians Have Been Driven out

As soon as Muslims of Iraq did not have Saddam’s heavy hand to keep them in line, they did what Muslims across the world do, and that is persecute Christians. But as long as the Muslims there are happy, that is all that matters. Right?

The Islamic Republic of Iraq~Pictures

This past week in Iraq has shown us what “nation building” has created. This is not the fault of our brave troops, this is the fault of the US government which obviously did little research on Islam, before going into Iraq. Two holidays took place in Iraq this week. One obviously being Christmas in which Iraqi Christians were afraid to go to Church, because they were being targeted again.

Detroit Muslim Calls for Islamic State Within America~Video

Here we have Detroit Red, who says that he fullly supports Sharia Law, but he clearly needs to lose the ego as he obviously knows little about it. He states that Sharia is the perfect system for mankind to live righteous. That Sharia is the best system for those that are sincerely trying to “do the right thing”.

CAIR’s One-way Attack on Free Speech

Recently the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), had asked Obama to address what they call an “alarming level of anti-Islam hate” in the country. While it is true that the voices against Islam in America are on the rise, CAIR fails to mention that there is a very good reason that our voices are on the rise.