Jewish VoiceUK: Islam is not our Enemy

Here we go again.

There are three main reasons we are losing the war with Islam.

*. It is being respected as a religion by our governments.
*. The brutal truth of Islam is not being taught in our education system. Instead a fantasy version of Islam is being shoved down our youths throats.
*. The information war in which media outlets across the world are reporting Islam as being a benign ideology. When in fact the opposite is what it true. It is the cancer of the world..

Today we see another sorry example of the latter. One I will refute in just three easy steps

1. Koran 9:29. (From the world renowned Tafsir Ibn Kathir)

2. Koran 3:12. (Yes, it is about Jews.)

 3. From the world renowned Sahih (Authentic) Muslim Ahadith.

Those are your “family values”, Islam style.

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