The Middle East has Come to NYC

Never in my entire life did I recall music being broadcast onto the streets of NY from a food cart. But over the last year or two, there have been plenty of firsts for me in the city. One was hearing the Islamic prayers being broadcast onto the streets from a West side Mosque, another was seeing halal food carts surrounding Ground Zero and spread across the city like a spiderweb, and a third was seeing Muslims rallying at Times Square in support of the “Egyptian Revolution”. A revolution that has put Islamic political parties like the Muslim Brotherhood into a position of power. Another recent first took place the other day when I was walking through the city, and could not help but hear Egyptian music being blasted like a rock concert for all to hear.

(The volume was much louder than my cell picked up.)

Apparently the Middle East has come to NYC. Isn’t it time non-Muslims demand an end to all Muslim immigration!?

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