France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy to Take on Islam!

Tonight we get another piece of good news, as we see another Western politician who is willing to bring the threat of Islam to a national debate. The West is not dead yet…

Sarkozy’s Islam debate opens rift in French ruling party

President Nicolas Sarkozy’s plans to hold a national debate on the role of Islam in French society has opened a rare rift in his centre-right party, damaging his credibility ahead of a presidential election next year. Fears about the role of Islam in France’s secular society have become a key campaign theme in the wake of controversies — largely fed by the far-right — over Muslims praying in the street, halal-only fast-food restaurants and full-face veils.

With Sarkozy intent on keeping moderate voters from defecting to the far-right, he has encouraged the ruling UMP party to hold a public debate starting on April 5 to discuss the compatibility between Islam and France’s secular values.

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