Strange Email I Received the Other day~ UPDATED

I received this email three days ago, it was sent to the address that is posting on this site. Doesn’t this guy know this is not a pro-Islamic site? It came with two attachments, which I will not open.

From: Irahim adeel (
Sent: Tue 9/21/10 9:51 AM

Brother in Islamic

salamoilé writing you on behalf of our Imam Ibrahim Adeel sese
Thanks so much to here from you. the Islamic music. assistance we are asking for all Islamic brothers which is in Europe American and Asians this is assistance we need for all mighty Allah work. we are asking that any thing that comes from your Heart to support the work of all mighty Allah, that is what int yer music is asking for. building of our Islamic Music.
you can see in Pictures where our village music is located you can assistance us with any thing that come from your heart. we are praying for all the Islamic world, hope to here from you brother Chris.

may all mighty Allah bless you.

Ibrahim Adeel sese


A day after I posted this I had a quick email exchange with the self proclaimed Imam.

Subject: RE: Islamic. IMAM Ibrahim‏
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2010 01:21:57 -0600

I am not a Muslim, and I stand against Islam. So why are you sending me this?

In his reply he tried to make it sound that the God of Christianity, and the God of Islam are one.

Irahim adeel

Dear Brother

i am sorry but you know that we are saving one God be you christan or Islamic we all saving one God that is why we are asking for assitance for god work if you look very well our vilage is too poor that is why we ask for assitance of building of God hourse we really need your assitance any thing you have you can support for Goods work. plz

Ibrahim Adeel

Here was my final response to him, and as of now he has run away from the debate.

Christophe​r Logan
The God of Islam and the God of Christianity are not the same. Because the Islamic scriptures state that Jesus will come back as a Muslim and destroy Christianity. The God of Christianity would not want that.

Islam 101: What Islam Really Says About Jesus and his Return


Point being, they need to know we are wise to their lies.

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