UK: 12 Arrested After Anti-Islam Demo

The English Defence League, continues to fight against the attempted Islamic takeover of the UK. One of the problems though, is that they are fighting against their own government as well. In the short video below, check out Gordon Brown’s pathetic speech on Islam. Brown is a another big time Islamophile. Who is gutless, and living in a far left fantasy land. Like Obama, he is part of the problem.

12 arrested after anti-Islam demo

A dozen protesters were arrested as trouble flared during a controversial demonstration by anti-Islam campaigners.

Several “disorders” were dealt with by riot officers as more than 800 English Defence League supporters gathered in Aylesbury, Thames Valley Police said.

Demonstrators were believed to have hurled coins, glass bottles, plastic flag sticks and cans at officers.

Officers, who dealt with a surge against police lines in the Market Square, made 12 arrests, including eight for possessing offensive weapons.

The EDL protest presented a “major challenge for the town”, officers said.

The organisation, which describes itself as “a counter-Jihad movement”, has held several demonstrations in recent months in Manchester, Bolton and Dudley.

Members of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) attended the event to voice their opposition.

Aylesbury Superintendent Richard List said: “We are a tolerant, successful and proud town – we all need to remember our tremendous strengths at this difficult time. I would like to express my sincere thanks to you all.”

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