India: 110 Arrested in Muslim vs. Hindu Clash

On February 1st, I had posted an article entitled “India Kashmir: Muslims Enraged, 20 Hurt”. Now it is not even April, and they are at it again. These constant uprisings are the reason that India is going to weaponize the world’s hottest chili. Of course when they use it on unruly Muslims, they will play the victim card.

India IT Hub Hyderabad Hit By New Religious Clashes
March 30, 2010

HYDERABAD, India (Reuters) – Riot police fired rubber bullets and used teargas to disperse clashes between Hindus and Muslims that injured dozens in the Indian IT hub of Hyderabad Tuesday, police said.

Two people have been killed and 110 people arrested in connection with the violence, which started Saturday when a Hindu group replaced Muslim flags with Hindu ones on the streets during a festival.

The city, home to companies such as Microsoft, Google and Mahindra Satyam, has already been hit by months of sporadic unrest over the proposed creation of a separate Indian state, carved out of Andhra Pradesh.

Police have extended a curfew to more parts of Hyderabad and have been ordered to shoot at troublemakers in curfew-bound areas. But areas which host big tech companies remain unaffected.

“Anybody creating trouble during the curfew will be dealt with firmly,” A.K. Khan, the city’s police commissioner, told reporters.

Violence flared Tuesday during religious processions. A Reuters witness saw dozens of Muslims pelting stones at Hindu youths and setting fire to vehicles.

Protesters on both sides targeted residential areas and religious sites, throwing stones and causing damage inside to temples and mosques, the witness said.

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