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Muslims March Through London: “USA go to Hell, UK go to Hell”, Call for War!….~Video!

In a scene of rage, UK Muslims led by Anjem Choudary took to the streets to lash out against the kuffar, while calling for Sharia. The Sharia they want to impose on the world, whether we like it or not!

As you witnessed they are deadly serious. It is obvious that Sharia is going to have to be officially banned. Then those who call for it, arrested and deported if possible.

Anjem, the Western anti-Sharia movement has just started. Allah will not grant you victory. You can count on that!
Posted by Christopher Logan at 4:33 PM

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Muslims March Through London: “USA go to Hell, UK …
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UK Nov 27th: The International Islamic Revival Conference

When it comes to the threat of Islam, non-Muslims cannot let their guard down. “Moderate” Muslims are not coming to the rescue, and Muslims across the globe are continuing to unite in an effort to impose Islam on the world. The upcoming Islamic Revival Conference 2010 in the UK is another example of this. My question is this. Why are so many non-Muslims still ignoring the threat of Islam? It is not going to go away, and time is running out.

UK: Islamic Conference to Support Captured Muslims

While we see more and more infighting between non-Muslims over Islam, Muslims are continuing to unite against us. Here we learn of another Islamic conference in the UK, and the quote from the Abu-Dawud hadith says it all. (Click on picture to enlarge.)
The threat is real, and non-Muslims have to stop being purposely blind to it, or our families future generations will surely suffer under Islamic rule.

UK: Demonstration to Defend the Symbols of Islam

Whether it is conferences in America, Italy, Scandinavia, the UK, or on Facebook or YouTube, Muslims are uniting in their non-stop effort to takeover the West. The question is, will non-Muslims unite in time to stop them? Or will we continue to argue amongst ourselves, as to whether there is even a threat of Islam or not? I urge everyone to ask themselves if they want their families future generations, to be forced to live under Islamic rule? Because that is what is coming, if we lose this war.

Up Coming Chicago Islam Conference, Calls for World Domination!~ Video

Right under our noses Muslims are uniting against us, and they are not hiding their goal of world domination. Unfortunately most non-Muslims only understand a traditional war, like WWII. They do not understand how Muslims are waging a lawful, non-violent war across the West, in which they use our freedoms against us to slowly takeover. It is our job to pick up the pace, and continue to educate more non-Muslims to the grave threat of Islam. We have to explain how Islam uses democracy to destroy democracy. Here is the information on the upcoming Khilafah Conference taking place on July 11th, 2010, at the Chicago Marriott Oak Brook. They are openly plotting against us at this meeting, and the Marriott needs to hear our voice. Their contact information can be found HERE.

California: Mosque Calls for Muslim Unity and Sharia

The Masjid Annur‎ Islamic Center located at 6990 65th St, Sacramento CA‎, is doing as many other Mosques, and Islamic organizations in America are doing. They are calling for a united ummah, and promoting Sharia Law. Muslims are not hiding their agenda, and they are fully taking advantage of our freedoms, to advance their religion. The truth is that none of this should be happening, as Islam should have never been granted religion status in the first place. It is more of a political movement than a religion, and Sharia is clearly unconstitutional. If some rules do not change, like the official banning of Sharia, our families future generations are going to suffer because of Islam having religion status.

UK Islamic Conferences: The Book that Shook the World~ Video

Today we see Turkey uniting with their Islamic brothers in Gaza. Besides this we can see that Muslims are uniting in recent, and upcoming Islamic conferences across the West. Recently there were such conferences in Italy, and Scandinavia. In California there was this past weekends Reviving the Islamic Spirit US Convention, and also in California this September 18Th is Muslim Unity Day. There is also another is coming up next month in London. The bottom line here is that we are getting hit with a two-pronged attack. The violent jihad which is mostly overseas, and the lawful jihad, in which they destroy countries from within, by using our freedoms against us. The latter is even more dangerous than the first, because most people do not even know it is happening. It is our job to help wake them up. Keep up the fight guys!

Top Ranked Islamic Site Calls for the Final Jihad!

While we Western non-Muslims are arguing amongst ourselves, as to whether there really is an Islamic threat, Muslims are uniting against us. Today the top ranked Islamic site Khalifah Institute, put out the call for the final jihad. The site had 184,800 visitors recorded today. They call it the final jihad, because the Western and Islamic worlds, have been down this road before.