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Importing Syria, Importing Islam ~ A Logan’s Warning Exclusive

Just this morning I said the following on Twitter:

Apparently the West is willing to destroy itself in its never ending quest to find the magical mystical “good” Muslims.

— Christopher Logan (@NAInfidels) August 1, 2016

Which unfortunately fits right in with this Logan’s Warning exclusive report.

The Arabsyndikatet Attempting to Intimidate Logan’s Warning!

Over the years I have gotten numerous threats and veiled threats from marauding Muslims. But I do not post a lot of them. It is something just that comes with the territory of raising the awareness level to the threat of Islam.

Recently though there seems to be an uptick in the attempt of intimidating me. What they fail to understand is that their threats only add fuel to my anti-Islamic fire

Exclusive ~ NY Muslims: Palestine to be Declared a State on Friday!

This article is the follow up to the “NY Muslims: Palestinian State is in the bag!” posting. Yesterday Muslim activists came together to protest across the street from United Nations. They were out there in support of “freedom” for Egypt, Iran, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, and Yemen. Arriving on the scene, let’s take a quick pre-speech walk through the rally.