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Iranian Cleric Calls for Iran to Dominate the Middle East

Before Obama won the election, I saw plenty of his supporters online, implying that the Islamic threat would cease to exist, if Obama took office. The threat remained. Then Obama went into his Muslim outreach mode, in which he has bent over backwards for them. The result of these policies, have been that he has made us look weak, and emboldened the Islamic world. Now Iran is rattling the cage once again, and no one is pushing back. We need a strong leader, not an Islamic appeaser.

American Muslim Woman Calls for the Genocide of Jews!~ Video

In this video we see another hate filled American Muslim. First she tries to play the victim card, but then she cannot hide her true feeling towards Jews. If it were up to me, she would be arrested for supporting an Islamic terrorist group. I have a feeling that Islamophile Eric Holder, would probably disagree with me though.

Paris: 100’s Take to the Streets in an Anti-Israel, Pro-Hezbollah Rally~ Video

Here is another video which shows us what Muslim immigration has brought to the West. Watch how the crowd cheers as they burn the flag of Israel. One of the biggest mistakes that the West has ever made, was to allow Muslim immigration. It is time to end it, before they take over the West just like they did the Middle East. (Outside of Israel of course!)