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Quebec: Cracking Down on Accommodations to Muslims!

I am glad to see that more and more people are starting to catch on and see that catering to the intolerant religion/ideology of Islam is a big mistake. Will Hillary now scold Quebec for Muslim “discrimination”, as she recently did our European allies? Maybe one day our government will catch on also, but as long as Obama is in office, there is no chance at that.

Muslims are Coming to Give us our “Rights”!~ Hate Filled Video

I have seen plenty of hate filled videos featuring Muslims, but this is one of the most powerful ones that I have ever seen. In it they preach against infidels, democracy, gays, and pigs. The main spokesman in the video states how we cannot give them their rights (Democracy), but the day is coming when they will give us our rights (Sharia), and we will be on our knees asking for mercy. They are deadly serious, and in the meantime most of us do not even want to face the reality that Islam is at war with us. Please ask yourself this, when one side fights and the other does not fight back, who will win? When I say fight, I mean within the law of course.

Spain: Seven That Opened Sharia Court set Free

So seven Sharia loving Muslims get released and are now free to continue to setup shop where ever they feel like it. Not only should all Muslim immigration be ended, Sharia Law itself should be banned, and any Muslim that calls for it afterwards, shall be arrested and deported if possible. If Sharia itself is never addressed, Muslims will continue to open their own courts, and then one day they will feel that they have enough of them, and the numbers, then claim that their laws supersede ours. It is just a matter of time.

Study: Muslims in European Prisons

Earlier today I posted a story about Muslims imposing Sharia Law within the UK prison system. While surfing the Internet, I just came across this study about Muslim prisoners in Europe. Of course much of it is filled with Muslims playing the victim card. They are the masters at that.

U.S. Scolds our European Allies for Muslim Discrimination

Here we have another reason to be disgusted with our own government. In their defense of Islam, the Democracy, Human Rights and Labor division, of the US State Department has scolded some of our European allies for the conflict with Islam across the pond. I am not calling for violence against Muslims in Europe, but of course non-Muslims are starting to turn against Muslims in Europe, and that is because Muslims have come there, shown the cultures of Europe no respect, and are constantly pushing to takeover, with no concerns for the beliefs of anyone else.

Muslim Gangs Imposing Sharia law in British Prisons

They already have dozens of Sharia Courts outside of the UK prisons, so why not bring Sharia into the prisons? Of course the answer by the Prison Officers’ Association is to recruit more Muslim officers. When problems with Islam arise, the usual answer by non-Muslims is to get Muslims to come in and deal with it. Well, if that is the answer why is the problem clearly getting worse and worse? I will say it over and over, “moderate” Muslims are not coming to the rescue. The problems is ours, and we cannot pass the buck here. It will be Sharia or our way of life, take a side!