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Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan Misleads the World on Islam

In order to win the war with Islam, we must win the information war against Muslim propagandists. Unfortunately we continue to see prominent and non-prominent Muslims mislead the public on Islam, continually going unchallenged. Which is why I take the time to counter Islamocons.

Exclusive ~ NY Muslims: Palestine to be Declared a State on Friday!

This article is the follow up to the “NY Muslims: Palestinian State is in the bag!” posting. Yesterday Muslim activists came together to protest across the street from United Nations. They were out there in support of “freedom” for Egypt, Iran, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, and Yemen. Arriving on the scene, let’s take a quick pre-speech walk through the rally.

NY Muslims: Palestinian State is in the bag!

Good evening infidels! A vote at the United Nations on whether a Palestinian State should be officially recognized is coming up. But Muslims in NY are claiming it is a done deal! Logan’s Warning has obtained some exclusive information on this matter. It will be released tomorrow afternoon! Speak to you then.