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IslamoBLOB Expanding in California!

Like the Blob, Islam is expanding again, as it is devouring more of America. This time the expansion is taking place in California, and as usual the Mosque does not seemed to be concerned with Muslims assimilating.

Let’s take a look at this growing menace to America.

My Email to Sacramento’s Newsreview.com

Here is my email to Bob Schmidt of Newsreview.com. He is the reporter who wrote today’s article “The all-American Mosque”. In this article he blindly repeats what Imam Mohammad Abdul-Azeez of the SALAM Center has told him, and does even begin to try and dig into what the Imam, and Islamic Center are all about. One of the main reasons we are losing the war with Islam is because the MSM is so protective of it. In return we must refute their claims about Islam, and take the time to let them know we will challenge them every time we see one of their whitewash’s of Islam. Here is what I just sent to Bob and the editors of Newsreview.com.