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South Koreans Fight Celebrity Mosque

Yes my friends, no matter what direction we look in the cancer of Islam is spreading, and the main reason for that is because of its golden shield of religious status. A shield that must be smashed in order to defeat Islam. Because respecting Islam as a religion is a 1400 year old proven cultural Islamicide.

Rise of the Anti-Islam Campaign III ~ We STOP Mosques and we WIN! ~ Video

After years of reporting a lot of bad news, I love bringing my infidel teammates good news like this. No, scratch that. Make that great news! For years I have been calling for an end to Muslim immigration, and Mosque construction. Now with the war with Islam getting worse across the world, we once again see our infidel brothers and sisters pushing back. Tonight we are honored with the presence of the Law and Freedom Foundation. An organization that uses a lawful approach to stopping Mosque construction, and they are great at what they do! Hopefully a sister organization of the L & F Foundation will be coming to America very soon.