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Islamic-World.net: Teach all Children to Create an Islamic World~ Guidelines

While far too many Americans are still unaware of the internal threat of Islam,, Muslims continue to move forward with their goal of creating an Islamic world. A mission in which they have no concerns whatsoever for the beliefs of non-Muslims. Earlier this month I posted about the Islamic-World website, and their article which calls for Muslim parents to teach their children to join the jihad. Today I continue with another one of their articles. This one advices Muslim on getting their children to do their part in creating an Islamic world.

Top Ranked Islamic Site Calls for Muslims to Teach Their Children to Join the Jihad

Back in April I posted about the Khalifah Institute website, and their call for the final jihad. Today I took another look at the site, and noticed they have a page entitled “Effective Islamic Parenting”. On this page they are encouraging Muslim parents to prepare their children to join the jihad. This is in an effort to create an Islamic world. Before we take a more detailed look at their suggestions for parenting, please keep in mind that this site is extremely busy. It had 272,727 visitors so far today.

Top Ranked Islamic Site Calls for the Final Jihad!

While we Western non-Muslims are arguing amongst ourselves, as to whether there really is an Islamic threat, Muslims are uniting against us. Today the top ranked Islamic site Khalifah Institute, put out the call for the final jihad. The site had 184,800 visitors recorded today. They call it the final jihad, because the Western and Islamic worlds, have been down this road before.