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The Islamic Prayer: Hatred in the Face of the Host!

Over and over many of us have seen infidels go out of their way to show respect for Islam. They do this in a belief that the gesture will be reciprocated. But that does not and will not happen, because when push comes to shove, Muslims stand with Islam above all. One of the ways non-Muslims go out of their way for Islam is to open their doors for Muslims to recite the Islamic prayer.

Lazy Muslim Praying on Street of NYC ~ Video

Strolling through the Times Square area the other day, I could not help but notice a man standing and making motions with his arms, while mumbling under his breath. He was another Muslim who turned the streets of NYC into a Mosque. When I spotted him praying I stopped to watch. As he was praying some customers walked up to his food cart, and he stopped to service them. Will Allah be happy about that?! After the customers left, I caught the end of his lazy prayer on film. As he never hit the floor.