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Zuhdi Jasser Says Islam Will Reform, I State why it Will NOT

For years I have been saying that when it comes to Islam, in the end it will be life as we know it, or Islamic rule. It’s time to take a side. Unfortunately that it is a reality that much of the West does not want to face. Many wanting to believe that in the end there will be so kind of peaceful coexistence with Islam. But where do we see that happening? America? Britain? Canada? Denmark? France? Germany? Holland? India? etc.

Hannity: “Take Their Oil!”~ Video

I have been saying for years that NO Islamic countries are allies of ours. That they smile as they have their hands out but throw another dagger in our back as we turn and walk away. As you watch the video, you will see how Kuwait and Iraq are making fools of us. In the video, Hannity also mentions the two-faced Saudis. If we ever come to the point in which we have a President with the guts to confront them, here is a plan that he or she might follow.

Son of Hamas Leader Tells Hannity “Moderate” Islam Does not Exist~ Video

Masob Hassan, the son of a Hamas leader lets Hannity know the ugly truth about Islam, and the Palestine-Israel conflict. He states that the God of the Koran hates Jews. Then in my favorite part of the interview, he tells Hannity that “moderate” Islam does not exist. Hannitys non-response to that statement says a lot. As I have been saying, “moderate” Islam is not going to the rescue, and the sooner that we realize this the sooner that we can start winning this war.