Leaked Emails Show UKIP Leader Comparing Muslims to Nazis

AKA as Another British Politician Gets it Right

As ugly as it might sound the comparison is correct. Because Islam and Nazism do share a profound hatred of Jews.

Richard Braine, the new Ukip leader, has been accused of whipping up religious tensions and anti-Muslim prejudice after leaked emails showed he argued that people should no more want Muslims to settle in their country than Nazis.

Considering the fact that Islam calls for the subjugation or death of the overwhelmingly majority of America (Christians and Jews), why would you invite that in? Should Israel allow Nazis to invade their country through mass immigration? Of course not.

Koran 9:29

Fight those who do not believe in God nor in the Last Day for otherwise they would have believed in the Prophet s and who do not forbid what God and His Messenger have forbidden such as wine nor do they practise the religion of truth the firm one the one that abrogated other religions namely the religion of Islam — from among of those who min ‘from’ explains the previous alladhīna ‘those who’ have been given the Scripture namely the Jews and the Christians until they pay the jizya tribute the annual tax imposed them readily ‘an yadin is a circumstantial qualifier meaning ‘compliantly’ or ‘by their own hands’ not delegating it to others to pay being subdued being made submissive and compliant to the authority of Islam.

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Braine, who won the leadership after a campaign in which he expressed anti-Islam views, also suggested that non-Muslims needed to help Muslims to “cast out their demon” and argued there was no such thing as “moderate Muslims”.

Ahh…a politician who sees the truth about the moderate fantasy. Because moderate people do not support the amputations (Koran 5:38), crucifixions (5:33), and lashings (24:2) that Islam sanctions.

One email reads: “The nonsense of the moderate Muslim is trotted out repeatedly by so many people with good intentions, but willful ignorance of Islamic teaching. There is no moderate Islam. Get used to it. It’s a fact. When people talk about moderate Muslims they are making an error. It is like saying Hitler wasn’t such a bad fellow, quite a laugh actually, an entertaining speaker, a patron of the arts – he loved Wagner – he made the trains run on time, and just look at his smart uniforms. It is to ignore completely the ideology to which the person is religiously wedded.”

I agree again. Trotted out by some well-meaning fellow conservatives who had opposed my opposition of America’s poster boy “moderate Muslim”, Zuhdi Jasser”. Also trotted out by organizations like The Clarion Project that make a living off of $elling the “moderate Muslims” are going to save America from Islam fantasy. Either way….has Jasser reformed Islam yet?

He added: “You should no more apologise for a moderate Muslim, and wish him to settle in your country, than you should a moderate Maoist or Nazi.”

Another agreement, because although I stand with my words on so called moderate Muslims, the bottom line is that Muslim immigration is a 1400 year-old proven cultural suicide.

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