From Russia With Love ~ My Burqa Bitch!

BitchYesterday during my Twitter travels I came across another con artist Muslim. This one is in Moscow Russia, and due to the “love” she has shown me,  I just had to give her a pet name: Burqa Bitch!

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Burqa Bitch profile

The post that attracted me to my new love was the following:

@TheXylo @cridder_No1 @EDLTrobinson @mubzii_star how is the teaching of Islam not peaceful?

My response was:

@KeebitHalal @WorldOpinion @mubzii_star @TheXylosphere Mohammad took prisoners of war as sex slaves. Koran 33:50. Real “peaceful”.

But before she responded to me, she pulled this rabbit out of her hat….burqa.

Ina Olly DuwaneIna Olly Duwane ‏@KeebitHalal28 May

@WorldOpinion @mubzii_star @TheXylosphere not surprising.there plenty others like U! Believe what U hear from the media or others #Ignorant

Yes Ina, blame the media. Now where have I heard that excuse before? Oh yea…..Muslims! 
Now here is where the love connection really took hold!

@LogansWarning@mubzii_star@TheXylosphereyou are a sick bastard get out of my mentions you waste of space.

Come on hon, I am not the sick bastard. Mohammad the rapist was. 


Christopher LoganChristopher Logan ‏@LogansWarning

@KeebitHalal @mubzii_star @TheXylosphere LOL another Muslim full of “peace”….prove me wrong on Islam.

@KeebitHalal @mubzii_star @TheXylosphere I listed the verse, and the best you can do is act like a savage. Just like Mohammad,.

@KeebitHalal @mubzii_star @TheXylosphere but Mohammad was not the “sick bastard” right slave?

 Ina Olly DuwaneIna Olly Duwane ‏@KeebitHalal1h

@LogansWarning your pathetic and filthy tweets about Islam will never stop Islam from being success and the fastest growing religion thereis

@KeebitHalal If I am so wrong about Islam, why don’t you protect Islam and debate me on the radio? #NAI #Islam

@KeebitHalal Shall I set up the debate?

She ran from the debate challenge, but maybe she was just being shy?

From here on I will show you what true Muslim – non-Muslim “love” is all about.

My Muslima said:

@LogansWarning@mubzii_star@TheXylosphereyou are a sick bastard get out of my mentions you waste of space.

@LogansWarning I don’t need to defend Islam from scumbags who think they know abt my faith…Islam defends itself with its Pillars.

  1. @LogansWarning@zayibby@EDLTrobinson nothing to do but get behind a computer screen and insult ppl all day how classy

  1. @LogansWarning@zayibby@EDLTrobinson I don’t argue with filtu scum bags like yourself your probably high school drop uneducated who has

    As you can see, Allah has blessed me! What a girl!

  1. Now for our honeymoon. Where are we going to spend it you ask?

  1. @LogansWarning@RyanCooper4 and we do what’s your point and I hope you live to see that…so you can be punished under the sharia law

  1. Drum roll……….at a four star Sharia Court! WOW! That is going to be one hot night!

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