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Team Trump Teams up for Islam

Team Trump Cancels a Brigitte Gabriel’s ACT! Booking When I first reported that President Trump had done a 180 on the issue of Islam, a lot of people did not want to hear it. Refusing to face the evidence. Evidence…

Logan’s Warning Poll on Islam

When I first started speaking out against the threat of Islam I believed that Islam could be defeated in America while being allowed to retain its religion status. Over the years that view changed as I realized that the stealth jihad that is taking place across America is basically unstoppable as long as Islam has its golden shield of religion status. Which leads me to say:

A Logan’s Warning Interview With Imam Dawud Walid

Those who follow the this site most likely know that the MSM is complicit with the Islam assisted cultural suicide of the West that is taking place. That is why I love to do my own reporting on this issue. Because only the truth will set our future generations free from the chains of Islam.