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Muslims March Through London: “USA go to Hell, UK go to Hell”, Call for War!….~Video!

In a scene of rage, UK Muslims led by Anjem Choudary took to the streets to lash out against the kuffar, while calling for Sharia. The Sharia they want to impose on the world, whether we like it or not!

As you witnessed they are deadly serious. It is obvious that Sharia is going to have to be officially banned. Then those who call for it, arrested and deported if possible.

Anjem, the Western anti-Sharia movement has just started. Allah will not grant you victory. You can count on that!
Posted by Christopher Logan at 4:33 PM

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Muslims March Through London: “USA go to Hell, UK …
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US: Muslims Want to Turn House Into Mosque, Neighbors Fight Back

No…this is not a repeat post of Muslims trying to do the same exact thing in Brooklyn NY. This time they are showing no respect to their neighbors in Chicago. Muslims are constantly demanding respect, yet they do not care about the wants and beliefs of non-Muslims. Islam is one-way street, and we should return the favor. Say no to Muslim immigration, and Mosque construction.

Iraq to sue US and UK

I hate to see babies suffer, but it sure did not take long for the Iraqis to learn how to use our freedoms against us. Between this and the persecution of the Iraqi Christians, does anyone really think that they are an ally of ours? I don’t, they will stand with with their people and Islam over us any day. It is time to let the Iraqis fend for themselves.

The UK and US Sharia Push~Video

For years I have been saying to look towards the UK to see what is coming our way in regards to Islam, and the similarities of the Sharia movement can be seen in this video. The good news is that UK Muslim Anjem Choudary states that US Muslims are about 5-10 years behind in this push. Meaning that we still have time to nip this in the bud. Stating that it is not “all” Muslims and then ignoring the problem does not cut it. Below the video are some comments left by US Muslims on this issue.