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Seattle: In the Crosshairs of Islam

When it comes to the threat of Islam, far too many people only know of the threat of violent Muslims. That threat is very real, and will only get worse as more Muslims are allowed to come here. But there is an even bigger threat to America than violent Muslims. This threat is the lawful jihad which is being waged upon America. What makes it so dangerous is that Muslims are using the freedoms of America, to slowly takeover from within. This can clearly be seen in the November/December issue of Islamic Horizons Magazine.

Seattle Imam Calls for Muslims to Live by the Koran

I know this is no surprise to those who regularly follow this site, but once again we see that Islamic enemies reside within our great country. If Muslims are to live by the Koran, then they are to live a life that is not supported by American laws, or values. It is time for non-Muslims to face Islam for what it is, the anti-thesis of America. Seattle Imam Abdul Kadir Mohamed, is taking part in an upcoming online event that is calling for the revival of the Koran. The times of the event they give in the video are for America, Australia, the UK, and India. If you notice they are all non-Islamic countries. Are they looking to takeover from within?