Logan’s Warning Destroying Islamic Street Preacher

Earlier today I was minding my own business while traveling until I saw an Islamic street preaching in the NY Subway system.

Since this was not planned at all only about half of the conversation was recorded. At first I challenged him on Koran verse 9:30.

The version in the Koran he was handing out said “condemn” instead of destroy. Either way I told him he was inciting hated against the overwhelming majority of America. His response was to dance around it by saying Jesus was not crucified. Me coming back with Muslims not believing he was crucified (Koran 4:157) is not the issue. The issue is that Christians believe he was and you are preaching hatred against them. He went silent.

At that point I decided there was no better time then the present to get back to my exclusive Logan’s Warning street reporting. The rest is said in the video.

More to come…a lot more…