Imam of North London Central Mosque: Koran is for all Time

As I been saying over and over to Muslim con men and the Islamic apologists, the Koran is for all time, and that is a major problem for Western civilization. As the Islamic way of life and the way of life of Western civilization are polar oppositesKoran.

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Name of Questioner Krista – India

Title Does the Quran Include Everything?
Date 20/Oct/2009

Question I am Hindu; and I am reading about Islam. I have a question for you. It might seem simple for you. Does the Quran include everything?

Topic Qur’an & Scriptures, New to Islam, Islamic Creed

Name of Counselor Imam Ahmad Saad

Thank you very much for your question, which is meaningful and important, although it looks simple.

Muslims believe that the noble Quran is the final word of God revealed to humankind to guide its ways, and show people how to get close to their Creator by fulfilling what He has ordained on them, and how to fulfill their mission on earth by taking care of their responsibilities towards others.

It is the beacon to guide humanity to the path of its Creator, and show them the way to save themselves in the turmoil of this life, and enjoy the pleasure of Allah in this life as well as in the hereafter.

According to Islam, one of the unique characteristics of the Quran is that it is the book of all times and space. This means that the rulings and the teachings of the Quran are not restricted by time and space. They are universal and trans-time. They can be applied today as they were applied 1400 years ago, and can still be applied till the end of time.

Regardless of the change of our methods, knowledge, and approaches, this does not affect the validity of the teachings of the Quran. The Quran speaks of itself; and we are told that it is also a comprehensive book. Allah the Almighty says in the Quran what means:

[We have not neglected anything in the Book.] (Al-An`am 6:38)

The comprehensiveness of the Quran is necessary to enable people to function in their lives according to its guidance, and apply its teachings in their lives. The Quran tells us that it was revealed to be followed and applied with the intention of achieving guidance and leading a proper, God-pleasing life. In order for this purpose to be fulfilled, the Quran has to be comprehensive and all-embracing.

To the Muslim con men and their leftist supporters who stop by, you might want to check this Imam’s credentials before you waste your breath here.

Imam Ahmad Saad

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