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Bulgaria: Muslims Preparing for Civil WAR!

As I have said Muslims are not in the West to assimilate. They are here to try and take over. I had also stated that I could see civil wars breaking out across the West because of Muslim immigration. Unfortunately I was correct, and the violence had already started in Germany, Sweden and the UK. Now we can add Bulgaria to that list. For the record I do not condone the violence against Muslims. But I certainly understand non-Muslims being fed up with Islam. None of this would be happening if wasn’t for the worldwide Sharia movement.

The Far-Left and Muslim Alliance Against Freedom Lovers

Unfortunately a political alliance has formed across the West, and it is not a pro-Western alliance. It is pro-Islamic, anti-American, anti-Israel, and they are playing for keeps. As they are violent. A recent example of this behaviour was seen just a few days ago, when my colleague Robert Spencer was in Stuttgart Germany, to help usher in anti-jihadist politician René Stadtkewitz’s Freedom Party. Robert Spencer who is known worldwide for his truthful warning about Islam, was not challenged with intelligent discourse. Instead he was met with thuggery!

UK Muslims: We WILL NOT Integrate! ~ law and Order go to Hell! ~ Video

For years I have been saying that Muslims across the West are not here to assimilate, and it was just a matter of time until they called for Islamic Law to trumph our laws. Well that time is here. Now the question is what should non-Muslims do about it? If it were up to me Sharia Law would be officially banned, and those calling for it arrested and if possible deported. If you want Sharia you do NOT belong in a non-Islamic country. Treason!

Germany’s Interior Minister Takes on Islam on First day on job!

Just minutes ago I posted about France’s Nicolas Sarkozy bringing the threat of Islam to a national debate. Now we see Germany’s Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich wasting no time and jumping into the fray! He is not the first German authority figure to jump into this fight. Some recent examples of this are, Chancellor Angela Merkel stating that Muslims cannot live by Shariah Law if they want to live there, German authorities applying anti-Nazi laws against two non-violent pro-Shariah Islamic organizations, a German court telling a Muslim he cannot pray in school, and the Pro NRW political party receiving the funding to open up an anti-Islamic headquarters. The tide is turning…

Austria: MP Ewald Stadler Tells off Turkish Ambassador!~ Video

Does the war with Islam have you down, because of the West’s weak politicians? Well here is morning dose of encouragement. Watch as Eswald Stadler goes off, and tells Turkey they are sick of the one-way street Islam is. Add this guy to the list with Geert Wilders, as the true leaders who are going to save Europe from Islam.

UK: Muslims “Feel Intimidated”

About ten days ago, I posted a video which showed us that Muslims in Europe are starting to feel the heat of the anti-Islam movement. Today we learn that things are getting hotter for Muslims in the UK, and of course they are whining about it. As usual the Islamic community is a one-way street. It is alright when Muslims there take to the streets and call for Sharia Law to dominate the UK, while others call for war from their Sharia Courts. It is also alright when Muslims march across the UK in a show of Islamic unity, and when Sharia loving Muslims act like this…

UK: Muslim Women Take to Streets, Call to Impose Sharia on us~ Videos

The women of Campaign Islam, have taken it to the streets and have sent us two messages. The first one is about our “attacks” on Islam, one of them beginning the “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day”. Please listen closely as she states the only way these “attacks” will stop, is if they usher in Islamic law. In other words, they will try and force us to stop, and trust me this Islamic organization is not the only one that wants to impose Sharia Law on us. They are uniting across the world, and non-Muslims have to man up, and stop making excuses for Islam. It will be us or them.

Muslims in Europe Feeling the Heat~ Video

Finally Europe is starting to wake up to the threat of Islam, and Muslims are starting to feel the heat. Hopefully this is just the beginning, and the end to Muslim immigration is on the horizon. But once again, we see Muslims uniting to fight our movement. This is a video update to the, “UK: Demonstration to Defend the Symbols of Islam” story.