Exclusive: Supposed Muslim in US Navy Calls Christian Military Members Terrorists

Over the years I have been asked why I go out of my way to talk to Muslims. My answer is to expose their mindset. Something the MSM is not willing to do.

Sometimes the results are more damaging to Islam than others. Like when US Army Member Koshin Mohamed showed up on Logan’s Warning and threatened to join the jihad.

Unfortunately last night on MeWe I had a similar encounter with a Muslim who claims he is in the US Navy, and out of NY.

While I cannot prove he is in the Navy, his comments warranted attention.

His MeWe profile:

After awhile of debating Islam, well I was debating. He was deflecting, lying, and running. When the usual tricks didn’t work he got frustrated and said far too much for someone who is supposedly in the US Navy. Of course I jumped all over his comments and took screenshots.

His disdian for Christians starts to show.

Going on the premise that he is in the US Military, he clearly has issues with his fellow servicemen who are Christians.

Well it only got worse.

So he wants to turn the US Navy all Muslim. What happens if his dawah (proselytizing) fails? Will he even get more frustrated?

Are these the early warning signs of a potential Fort Hood attack?

Because he clearly has it out for Christians.

Our great US Troops are obviously under enough of an external threat when they go overseas. They don’t need an internal threat. So while I cannot prove that he is US Military for sure, I am forced to take take a stand for the US Military and report him to the Department of Defense, FBI, and Homeland Security. Plus some media outlets. Better safe than sorry.

Logan’s Warning.



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