Call to Action: Canton MA Police Chief has Been Mislead on Islam

NAI newIn order to win the war with Islam we need to counter the misinformation that is being spread by Muslim propagandists across the country. And once again the Ahmadis are leading the way, with the misinformation starting at the top.  Not only do we need to continue educating the public to the true threat of Islam, we also need to educate our authority figures. Before they completely bend over backwards in an effort to appease Muslims. Just as they are doing in parts of Europe.

Glas Sharia police

You see Muslims know that if we cannot even speak out against the threat of Islam, we cannot defeat it. So their first move to gain trust is to promote a false version of Islam, and target our authority figures.

Now unfortunately many of those in charge may have not read a Koran, and or want to blindly believe what they are told by Muslims. As is the case with Ken Berkowitz, Chief of Police, Canton Massachusetts.

Police Cheif of Canton MA endorses True Islam

Obviously “TrueIslam” “conveniently” forgot to let the Chief know that Islam is not peaceful or tolerant. Actually it is far from it, sanctioning some of the most barbaric actions you can think of.

Amputations and Crucifixions.
Koran 5:34 (Usually 5:33)
AlIslam. org

Ahmadi 5 34

Koran 24:3 (Usually 24:2)

Ahmadi 24 3

Forced dominance over non-Muslims.
Koran 9:29

Ahmadi 929

By this point I am sure most of my readers know that appeasing Islam is just a cultural suicide, so I ask everyone to please pitch in and contact the Canton Police Department, in order to respectfully voice your opinion on this.

Their contact information can be found HERE.

For those who do not use Twitter.

Canton Police Headquarters
1492 Washington Street
Canton MA, 02021
Business Line
(781) 821-5090

Do NOT call 911 over this.

Thank you,



1 comment for “Call to Action: Canton MA Police Chief has Been Mislead on Islam

  1. Tabitha Korol
    April 21, 2016 at 7:11 pm

    Dear Chief Berkowitz, I became a political essayist when I retired several years ago and have since learned much about Islam, and make no mistake, the religion is an enemy of our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our way of life. Surely, you have seen the slaughter that has taken place in the Middle East and parts of Europe over the past 1400 years, and constant deadly attacks in Israel, what the Islamists are doing in Europe now (Germany, Sweden, etc), and how they’re taking over our schools with their invasion ideology. You’re wrong to think each purpose is different; they are all jihad – holy war. You’re welcome to contact me at or 216-360-9009, but there’s something I’d like you to read now because you owe it to your city, your family, your country to be well informed. There is no excuse for holding on to misinformation or false hopes in this informational age. There’s no excuse for unwitting or intentional ignorance.
    Thank you for reading the following.

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    • Mistakes Made the Catastrophe Possible
    The Muslim Will vs. the Western Way
    by Raymond Ibrahim (I have added comments to explain further)

    FrontPage Magazine
    April 18, 2016


    In the struggle between Islam and the West, one has the will to prevail, but not the means; the other has the means, but not the will.

    In the ongoing struggle between Islam and the West, one civilization has the will to triumph, but not the way; the other has the way to triumph, but not the will.

    Some who dread Islam do not seem to understand this. They think that Islam is an irresistible force to be reckoned with; they see Muslim migrants as hordes of violent men invading Europe; they call on Western men to make a stand, resist the onslaught, save their women and children. To be sure, this portrayal is historically valid: for one thousand years, Muslims repeatedly invaded and conquered portions of Europe—terrorizing, massacring, raping and enslaving in the name of Allah—and were only repulsed by force of arms.

    Today’s situation is far less dramatic and epic; it’s actually quite pathetic. Muslim terrorists, rapists, and ISIS-sympathizers are not entering the West against its will but because of it. In other words, the West is 100% responsible for this “invasion.” This IS an invasion, called “hijra,” for the purpose of conquest.

    For one thousand years, Muslims repeatedly invaded and conquered portions of Europe.
    Consider it by analogy. What if zoos began to maintain that it’s a slanderous stereotype to say that lions by nature prey on zebras? Zoos start introducing lions into zebra enclosures. The inevitable happens: although well fed, some lions continue chasing and mauling zebras. Surely only a great fool would blame such carnage on lions—who, after all, are merely being lions—while ignoring those who insist on placing lions with zebras in the first place.

    Similarly, those Western policy makers who continue insisting that Islam is peaceful (despite the overwhelming evidence otherwise), and that Muslim immigration is fine (despite the overwhelming evidence otherwise), are 100% to blame when Muslims terrorize, rape, and kill non-Muslims in the West. (read this again!)

    Still, Western politicians get away with warped policies because the general public—including the average voter—has been bred on warped views. Thus, even as Germans were being overwhelmed by a million Muslim migrants, Dr. Stefanie von Berg, speaking before parliament, loudly proclaimed:
    Mrs. President, ladies and gentlemen. Our society will change. Our city will change radically. I hold that in 20, 30 years there will no longer be a [German] majority in our city. …. And I want to make it very clear, especially towards those right wingers: This is a good thing!

    Such suicidal words can be spoken and enacted only because voters have been conditioned to accept and support suicidal policies (which of course are dressed up to satisfy Western vanity). If they hadn’t, people like Berg, far from being elected to parliament, would be incarcerated for treason or committed into mental wards.

    In the end, the relationship between Islam and the West is understood by the dichotomy of the will and the way. The West has the way—including the military and economic might—to utterly neutralize Islam, one way or the other. Yet it doesn’t even have the will to preserve itself. Ban Islam’s presence from the West—which is doable, provided the will is there—and Islamic terrorism on Western soil ceases. It’s that simple.

    Conversely, Islam most certainly has the will to eliminate the West, though it currently doesn’t have the way (minus those ways the West gives it). Historically, for over one millennium, whenever Islam had the way, it always went on the offensive.

    Most territory that today constitutes the “Muslim world” was violently seized from non-Muslims.
    Back then, when much of the world was limited to fighting with swords and spears, arrows and fire—back when Islam was on an even footing with its neighbors—untold millions of non-Muslims were slaughtered, enslaved, or converted to Islam. This is seen in the historical fact that the overwhelming majority of territory that today constitutes the “Muslim world” was seized from non-Muslims by great violence and bloodshed. (900 million slaughtered/tortured/enslaved/forced conversion over 1400 years)
    Western military technology eventually progressed to the point that Islam was left in the dust. Its will to dominate went dormant but remained intact.

    Put differently, if Islam was the one to develop sophisticated armaments and weapons of mass destruction, while the West was still using swords and spears, there would be no West to speak of today. Faced before Islam’s three choices—conversion, enslavement, or annihilation—the West would’ve gone the way of the dodo, like many civilizations before it.

    Yet here is the free and mighty West, refusing to use its powers—even in the name of self-preservation—while empowering an Islam that openly vows to, and will, subjugate the West, once the way to do so becomes available. and you are refusing to see the truth?! Sweden was multiculturalist-leaning and is now all but Islamic; white women raped and killed; destruction; and Jews fled for their lives to Israel. The Christians had nowhere to go and are being subjugated by Islam.

    Raymond Ibrahim is a Judith Friedman Rosen fellow at the Middle East Forum and a Shillman fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.
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