North American Infidels Hits New Twitter Highs!!

NAI newestI fully understand that these days so many people have their hands full with work, looking for work, and their children. But unfortunately the media is not getting the job done in the war with Islam. So we have to become citizen journalists in order to win the information war with Islam. One way of doing this is to counter the Muslim propagandists that are flooding the social networks, preying on naïve and trusting non-Muslims.

Those who are on Twitter know that while I am not here on Logan’s Warning, there is a very good chance that I am there doing my part in the information war. Which is not making Muslims happy at all!

(Click on images to enlarge. Ryan will not admit he is a Muslim, but he spends his life defending Islam. Either way my point stands.)

Muslims say I am building an army

That photo was take several months ago. So I am guessing these new Twitter highs will really stir up the hornet’s nest!

Twitter record
I applaud everyone who is involved in the exposing Islam campaign. You are doing the job the mainstream media is afraid to! Thanks for all of your support!

Muslim Marine Attacks Pamela Geller on Twitter…..

Geller newLast week while I was going Muslim propagandist hunting (in a non-violent manner) online, I came across one named “Muslim Marine” (MM). A man who may or may not be an actual Marine, but uses the Muslims are serving in the US Military talking point in an effort to get people to back off on the threat of Islam, and Muslim immigration.

MM bio

Right off the bat we can see that MM is a Muslim propagandist. Because he claims he is a servant of humanity, as if he cares about human rights. When in fact Islam calls for beheadings, child marriages, lashings, and sex slavery. Making it a disgrace to humanity.

As you can see MM is clearly threatened by Pamela’s truths on Islam, so he tags prominent media personalities in an attempt to discredit her.

MM 1 aIn response I added some inconvenient truths on Islam.

MM 1 aaOf course the so called Marine did not respond. Because he is unable to refute the truth, so the best he can do is either ignore people or resort to smear tactics as he does with Geller.

MM 1

Unlike the cowardly media personalities in the thread, I actually decided to question him in order to expose his true colors.

MM 2

MM 3

MM 4

MM 5

As you can see MM never did respond, nor did the “humanitarian” condemn Islam for allowing pedophilia and sex slavery. Instead some his useful idiots joined in, and when they could not refute my points on Islam, MM proved my point about him. Just another Muslim propagandist.

MM 6

Blocked by 4 Muslim Marine

Logan’s Warningdoing the job the mainstream media is supposed to be doing but does not have the courage to do! Please support my efforts to counter other major media failures in the war with Islam. You can do so by making a onetime or monthly contribution through the site via PayPal today. Amounts of just $10 and up will go a long way in the information war with Islam.

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MPAC’s Attempted Bombing of North American Infidels!

backfireDuring my recent Internet travels in which I was searching for Muslim propagandists to expose, I replied to the following Tweet from the Muslim Propagandist Affairs Council. Also known as MPAC.

(Click on images to enlarge.)

MPAC bad idea

From there MPAC dropped the “Islamophobia” bomb on me! Which is nothing more than an attempt to destroy freedom of speech in regards to the critics of Islam.

MPAC bomb 2

Their strategic mistake was thinking that dropping the “Islamophobia” bomb would kill the discussion. But their plan backfired as they were forced to retreat because they could not even begin to refute my points on Islam, or those of our friend Lodi Silverado.

MPAC bomb 3

MPAC bomb 4

MPAC bomb 5

Obviously MPAC’s battle plan is not equipped to deal with the critics of Islam who know Islam. On to the next victory!

Saturday Night Live! Logan’s Warning on Syndicated Radio!

Voices of Global FreedomLet’s fact it friends, when it comes to Islam the mainstream media is just not getting it done. For whatever reasons, they will not come clean with the public on this issue, and as I have stated over and over and over, if we do not win the information war with Islam, we will not be able to defeat it.

So tonight I am honored to say that the straight-shooting hosts Backpack Roy, and Yoda, of Voices of Global Freedom have given me the opportunity to appear on their syndicated show, and set the record straight when it comes to Islam.

Their show is so highly respected and highly rated that past guests have included:

Darryl Issa, Duncan Hunter, Colonel Allen B West, former commander Seal Team six – Commander Zenke, Pulitzer winning journalist Bonnie Anderson, and Fox News contributor Bethany Blankley.

So tonight I ask you all to sit back and listen to the harsh realities the mainstream media will not speak of. Because if these truths are not recognized, and the rules do not change, it is just a matter of time until we lose this war.

Islam The Religion Of War

Christopher Logan’s ideas on how to answer the questions: How can we win the war with Islam? What can people do? 

Chris founded Logan’s Warning and is President of North American Infidels. He has been sounding the alarm on Islam for over a decade and his expertise on the facts of the ISIS Calpihate challenges any Muslim Cleric to debate. He has been featured on numerous national radio shows and his articles are on award winning Atlas ShrugsFamily Security Matters, and JihadWatch. Learn more about him:

Topics will include.

1. Who was Mohammad?.

2. The notion of Islam reforming.

3. My view on the so called “moderate” Muslims.
4. What we can do in order to win this war and more!

The show starts at 7PM EST, and it can be listened to by clicking HERE.

The call in number is  (646) 652-4667, and as usual, Muslims are encouraged to call in and defend their so called religion!


The UK’s “Moderate” Muslim Poster Boy Maajid Nawaz Pulls a Muslim Houdini….

poofIf someone would ask me what my niche is in the anti-Islam campaign, I would have to say it is me exposing the fraudulent “moderate” Islam campaign. Something I obviously believe is integral to us winning the war with Islam. Because we cannot rely on the media on this issue. They just do not have it in them to ask these so called saviors of Western Civilization, the tough questions that are needed to expose how they mislead the public on Islam itself.

In America we have the media’s darling, and “moderate” Muslim poster boy Dr. Zuhdi Jasser. A man who for some reason shields his first name from the public. That name being Mohamed.

Jasser new

The UK also has their own “moderate” Muslim poster boy. His name is Maajid Nawaz. One of the founders of the so called “moderate think tank”, The Quilliam Foundation.

nawaz new

While the media fawns all over them, those who know Islam know that both men are misleading the public on Islam. Besides those similarities, the two have something else in common.

Both cannot stand up to my questioning…

Jasser blocks NAI

Blocked by 3 UKs Maajid Nawaz

Logan’s Warning/North American Infidels….doing the job the mainstream media is afraid to do. Please help us continue to counter media failures, and Muslim propagandists. You can do so by joining our team on a monthly basis, or by making a onetime contribution through the site via PayPal. Even amounts of just $10 and up will help our cause. A cause our future generations are counting on us to win!

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East Bay Congressman Eric Swalwell Vs. Logan’s Warning

Rep Swalwell picHypocrisy at its finest!

Some people just do not know when to mind their own business, and today we see an example of this in East Bay Congressman Eric Swalwell. Serving Islam out of California’s 15th congressional district (D). Recently I had noticed that he had followed in the footsteps of his leader Obama, and held a meeting with The Muslim Public…errr…Propaganda Affairs Council, otherwise known as MPAC.

(Click on images to enlarge.)

MPAC and Rep 1

MPAC and Rep 2
For those who do not know, MPAC is part of the Muslim Fifth Column within America, and they play by no rules. Having the audacity to attempt to brainwash our children into believing Islam is no threat to non-Muslims, females, and animals.

Besides that immoral action, they have even met with the enemies of America. The Muslim Brotherhood! So either the Congressman did not do his homework, or he sadly just did not care.

After monitoring the MPAC page I decided to take a look at Swalwell’s page and noticed the following.

Rep Swalwell 2


Then it hit me. All of these politicians who claim they support America’s great troops, and Islam at the same time are being hypocritical. Because our troops are being slain in the name of Islam!

But the Congressman does not care. He is such an Islamophile that he even has Muslim interns.

MPAC and Rep 3

So I decided to call the Congressman out on it.

His response was a weak one, as the best he could do is call me ignorant. Which of course he never proved.

Rep Swalwell 1

Well actually he never said anything else, as he wisely tucked his tail between his legs and ran away.

Rep Swalwell 3
Rep Swalwell 4

As you can see, he did not even have the courage to condemn Islam for allowing child marriages, lashings, and sex slavery. Mohammad got his tongue…