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Islam and What it Means to Christians

Fighting Islam is not about religion to me, it is about preserving the freedoms of Western Civilization for our families future generations. In order to win this war, we are going to need to have a louder voice than Muslims. Although they are a minority here, they are very vocal and also have the support of many non-Muslims. Including Churches in America that actively support Islam, no matter what Muslims do.

Churches to do Koran Readings on 9/11

As I stated earlier, this whole “Burn a Koran Day” is extremely being blown out of proportion. Christians that I have never seen say a word about the persecution of their Christians brothers and sisters, are being more protective of Islam than their own religion. Now we have two Churches that are going to honor Islam. A religion which calls for their dominance, and insults their view of Jesus. To make matters worse they are doing this on 911, to try and counter the “Burn a Koran Day”.

What would Jesus Do? and What Would Muhammad Do?

As I search the Internet for articles about Islam, I also read some of the comment sections. Of course there are always people leaving comments, in an attempt to get us to back off. One that I frequently see is “What would Jesus do”. This is nothing more than an attempt to try to get us to turn the other cheek, and ignore the threat of Islam. Please do not fall for it. The other day a wrote to my friend Church Elder Louis Palme, who pulls no punches when it comes to Islam. Here is his response.

Calvary Baptist Church: We do not Want Islam Spreading Here

In the past I had stated that the war with Islam cannot be won in America without a large Christian movement. When I say this, I do not mean that everyone has to convert to Christianity. I mean that most of the country considers themselves Christians, so they have the numbers that are needed to pressure our politicians to take action. While I wish the opposition to Islam in America would have started along time ago, it is better late than never. Now it is time for all non-Muslims to put aside their differences, and unite against Islam. If we lose this war, nothing else will matter.

The Pope and Other Christian Leaders Take a Swing at Islam

The Pope and numerous other Christian leaders have done the right thing, and have taken a stand for their Christian brothers and sisters, that are suffering under Islamic rule. There is growing list of Christians that are speaking out on this issue. Some of them are the Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney, the Chaldean Catholic Archbishop Louis Sako of Kirkuk, Dr. Terry Jones, the Senior Pastor of the Dove World Outreach Center, Reza Safa who a is pastor of the Fishermen’s House Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Todd Weston, pastor of River of Life Assembly of God, and Reverend Franklin Graham. This is not about religion to me, this is about preserving freedom, but we do need leaders of all religions to band together and take a stand against Islam. This is encouraging.

Staten Island: Church Sells out, Convent to Become a Mosque

The Mosque movement across America continues. Recently Muslims are trying to put up two at Ground Zero, and just days ago they scored a victory in Wisconsin. When it comes to Islam, our freedoms hurt us, and Christians selling out to a religion that calls for the ultimate destruction of Christianity, is inexcusable in my book.

Montreal: Muslims Have Crucifixes Removed in Hospital

This was sent in from a reader in Montreal.

From John in Montreal.

My friend at the Lachine Hospital in Montreal told me Muslim lab employees had the crucifixes removed from the premises they were working. Those were crucifixes that were also part of it`s heritage, placed by the Catholic founders of the hospital. The employees put those crucifixes in garbage bags and placed them in the basement.

American Muslims and Protestants, can we Talk?

A more accurate title to this article would be, “American Muslims to Protestants, can we lie to you?” Last week there was a survey taken of Protestant Pastors. The results were that they agreed with Rev. Graham, as they also stand against Islam as well. Now comes the Muslim response, which of course is full of lies.

US Church Buys Anti-Islam ad

Well there is some good news this morning, we can add the Granite City Baptist Church to the short list of Churches that are brave enough to speak out against the threat of Islam. Three others being the Dove World Outreach Center, the Iranian led Fishermen’s House Church in Tulsa, and Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ. Because of the political aspect of Islam, we are not yet winning this war. But the tide is slowly turning in our favor. Hang in there my friends.

Christian Science Monitor: Islam and Muslims Should not Scare you

While this is an opinion piece, it is a bit disturbing that the Christian Science Monitor would even publish this. As Christians are being persecuted across the Islamic world, and the letter is full of misinformation, and demands from a Muslim. Whether CSM wants to admit it or not, Islam is at war with Christianity, and in no way should Christians help Muslims in the information war.