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Thomas More Law Center: “Christians are born for combat”!

Many of us here at Logan’s Warning have been terribly disappointed at the overall passiveness of the Christian community, in regards to the war with Islam. Not only have many Christians been ignoring the problem, many have been committing a slow suicide by actually promoting Islam. Some examples of this are the following:

June 26Th: Churches Across America Opening to Islam!

In this follow-up to the “More Than 50 U.S. Churches Agree to Hold Koran Readings!!” article, we see another Christian “leader” who is foolishly taking a stand for Islam.

Christians, Jews and Muslims to Share Pulpits

Churches across the States will be opening up their pulpits to clergy from the Jewish and Muslim faiths.

Islam 101: What Islam REALLY Says About Jesus and His Return…

I frequently have conversations with Islamic apologists who say that their Muslim “friends” have the utmost respect for Jesus. Well, perhaps they do, but it is not in the same vein as Christians’ respect for their Saviour! From the viewpoint of Muslims, Jesus is returning as a Muslim, and he will break the cross (destroy Christianity) and be a slave to Islam. Muslims believe that Jesus will also abolish the jizya, which will leave Jews and Christians with only two options: convert to Islam or die!

Churches Open Doors to Islam…

Unfortunately this is not the first time we have seen this suicidal behavior. Why is it so hard for some Christians to understand that Islam is not Christianity friendly?! Have they even bothered to read the Koran? Because if they did they would know that Islam is a destructive religion/ideology and one of its main targets is Christianity! Or do they just want to take the easy way out and remain purposely blind?

Islamic Center of Minnesota~ Using the Kindness of Christians to Advance Islam

It is obvious that the persecution of Christians is on the rise across the Islamic world. So why do so many Christians continue to respect a religion that has no intention other than to destroy all competing religions? Islam has its eye on world dominance, whether we like it or not!

We will turn our attention now to the Islamic Center of Minnesota (ICM) and its involvement with the local Christian community.