So Called Experts Empower Muslims via the Abraham Accords

To many people Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum, Frank Gaffney of the Center of Security Policy, Pamela Geller of the Geller Report, and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch are seen as experts when it comes to the threat of Islam or what some of them mistakenly call Islamism or radical Islam. The problem is that what appears to be most of their supporters is that they choose fandom over facts. Because as I have been saying, the Abraham Accords actually empower Muslims. As proven in a recent article on the Middle East Forum.

Abraham Accords Show that Israel Victory Enhances Arab Lives

Tuesday will mark one year since the foreign ministers of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Donald Trump on the White House lawn to sign agreements that recognized Israel and pledged their countries to mutual cooperation. They were followed shortly thereafter by Morocco and Sudan. Colloquially known as the “Abraham Accords,” these agreements will be celebrated today in Washington at an event featuring the Israeli ambassador and representatives from every Arab country that recognizes Israel, as well as former U.S. administration officials.


Since the Abraham Accords were signed in September 2020, there have been dramatic economic benefits for the UAE, Sudan has received badly needed economic aid, Bahrain has increased its international security vis-à-vis Iran, and the cultural ties that have flourished between Israel and Morocco have benefited both countries. In other words, Israel’s victory has been more beneficial to its former antagonists than to itself.

How is empowering Muslims a victory for Israel? How is inviting more Muslims into Israel a victory for the country? Do the so called experts not see the cultural changes Muslim immigration brings to non-Islamic countries? The truth is that all of the aforementioned respect Islam having its golden shield of religion status. Even though doing so is a 1400 year-old proven cultural Islamicide.