A Logan’s Warning TKO of FOX News Guest, “Moderate” Muslim Mike Ghouse

Some people are just gluttons for punishment. One being frequent FOX News guest, so called moderate Muslim Mike Ghouse.

Before I get into last night’s TKO of the defense attorney for Allah, I’ll give you some background on the history between Mike and I. I was first alerted to Mike when I saw him the Sean Hannity Show years ago. Like with that other defense attorney for Allah, Zudhi Jasser, Sean did not even begin to challenge him on Islam itself. Just sitting their naively smiling believing they were friends of his, as they attempted to mislead the public.

Fortunately I am not naive and know how to question Muslims. That is why I have already defeated Ghouse twice in email debates, and exposed his hatred for conservative Christians. Unfortunately for Ghouse though, he cannot stop himself from responding to me. If he were wise he would have just ignored me on Facebook last night.

Round 1….Mike starts off with a deflection. How Muslim of him.

As you can see, Mike was bobbing and weaving, but tripped over his own tongue with his last comment in the picture above.

Round 2

For those who are new to the subject. Islam does called for dominance over non-Muslims, by force if need be.

Koran 9:29 (7 translations)

Koran 24:2 Lashings

Koran 65:4 Child marriages

The verse speaks of iddah, a period of time that a Muslim woman must wait before getting remarried. Notice the words “those who have not yet menstruated, because of their young ago,….” Those words sanction prepubescent marriage, and the so called moderate Ghouse will not condemn it!

Koran 4:24 Sex slavery


When I attempt to respond again, this is what I saw.

Meaning that Mike had blocked me from viewing his Facebook page. Mike how about we take this to another arena? Let’s say a radio debate? Oh I forgot, you already backed out of that challenge. 

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