Someone is not Happy….

The truth hurtsThankfully many non-Muslims know of the threat of Islamic terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, and ISIS. That is a good start, but it is just not enough. Because the threat of Islam goes way beyond Islamic terrorist organizations. It extends to your “nice” Muslim neighbor or store clerk, and that is why we here at North American Infidels go out of our way to expose the “mindset” of your average Mo. Something no other organization is willing to do.

Just the other day I made a new Muslim “friend” from the UK.

Threat 8 Dr Bird


Threat Dr Bird 2

Apparently the slave to hate thinks killing birds is funny, and it is obvious that the doctor is not happy with America or North American Infidels’ truths on Islam. But that is OK, his threat just adds fuel to the fire! 

NAI new