~Coming Soon: New York Metropolitan Museum’s Massive Mohammadism Galleries!~

I am sorry to report a second occasion this week to announce yet another “coming soon” event in which non-Muslims are taking arazor blade to the veins of life as we know it. As soon as the Islamic community feels they have have used their non-Muslim supporters for all they are worth, they will instill the final cuts! Following in the footsteps of the NY Public Library, the Met is proudly in the process of putting together a massive Islamic art show.

New York Metropolitan Museum’s New Islamic Art Galleries to “Dwarf Rivals”

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is in the final stages of a US$40 million expansion. The project will introduce 15 new galleries to display art of Islamic cultures from the Iberian peninsula to India.

The Met puts the number of Islamic objects in its collection at some 12,000 – including 78 manuscript pages from the magnificent Iranian Book of Kings, or Shahnama, and the finest holdings of Islamic textiles in the West.

“It’s exceeded in numbers by the British Museum and the Berlin Museum for Islamic Art,” says Sheila Canby, the curator-in-charge who heads the Met’s department of Islamic art, “but those collections are formed of huge numbers of archaeological finds. The premise is a bit different here. We are a museum of art. Things have been collected in order to be shown, and not just as research material with drawers and drawers of shards.”

About 1,200 works will be on view in the new galleries at any given time, a fraction of the total holdings.

Nevertheless, it represents a huge increase over the 60 pieces exhibited on the balcony of the Met’s Great Hall during the eight years that the wing has been closed for renovation.

The New York museum has owned objects from the Islamic world since the 1890s. For decades, their place within the museum’s collections shifted – literally – from one gallery to another.

The Met, a private museum that gets a fraction of its annual budget from government sources, opened its galleries for Islamic art in 1975. A steady flow of visitors began. Then in 2003, the museum emptied that space to build Greek and Roman galleries beneath it.


With the reopening planned for 1 November , final touches are being applied before the art goes in.

“The big issue was, ‘what are we going to call it?’,” says Navina Haidar, a curator who oversees the renovation and reinstallation. “Are we going to call it Islamic art, or are we going to name it in another way?”

Canby explains: “There’s a growing realisation that the Islamic world is larger than the territories that are covered by our collection, so we wanted to be accurate about what we are showing and where what we’re showing comes from.”

That’s the root of the problem! Islam is taking over more and more of the world’s population. Here in America, the Met promotes Islamic culture instead of ignoring it or even having displays that would show just how forcefully Islam is a religon/ideologyhellbent on world domination!

Hence a new name. “Above the door you will have the words, ‘Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, and Later South Asia’. And, believe it or not, it does all fit,” says Haidar.

Inside the building, the acronym is a mouthful – ALTICALSA. To the side of the door, says Haidar, will be a map called The Islamic World.

The galleries take the visitor through time, patrons and geography, with portals conceived to favour cross-cultural perspectives. You’ll be able to go from a display of objects from the early caliphate into adjacent galleries exhibiting Orientalist paintings from 19th-century Europe. Non-Islamic objects from India that were made under Islamic rule are part of the wing and will have a separate entrance.

I wonder if they will show objects from the Islamoslaughter of the Hindus of India? The horrific event was dubbed the “Hindu Kush”. Of course the Met will ignore all of tha.

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You can contact the Met here: HERE.

Thanks in advance for making your displeasure heard!

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