~Islam Invades Jamaica Queens!~ Video and Pics! Part I

Passing through the Jamaica section of Queens the other day, I noticed an Islamic presence. So this afternoon, I decided to go back and further investigate the area. What you will see is a perfect example of how Islam slowly takes over a neighborhood within the law.

My first order of business was to stop at a Mosque that I noticed was built in the middle of a residential block.

After shooting the first video, I entered the Mosque and picked up whatever literature they had. At the entrance, off to the left of me, was a separate entry way for “sisters”, and on the right was a rack with literature. I took the printed materials and exited the Mosque.

After shooting the video, I went for a walk to Hillside Avenue to see what else Islam has changed in America.

Prior to taking the pictures of the Mannan supermarket, I strolled inside and quickly noticed that all three cashiers were wrapped in headscarves.

Upon exciting the store, I headed up Hillside Avenue. All of the following photos were taken within an approximately three block range.

Right next door:

Across the street:

Of course, no neighborhood is complete anymore without an Islamic food cart.

In addition to the Mosque in the middle of the residential block the most disappointing part of today was seeing that the local supermarket had changed to suit the tenets of Islam.

Once inside the store, I saw that a large section of the meat department has gone halal.

Signs from the deli counter:

Here was my perspective as I exited the store:

One more for the road…

Now, please ask yourself, how many more such neighborhoods across America are becoming Islamicized?! I intend to criss-cross the country to expose the deadly creep of Islam in our midst.

Please help us continue to educate our populace about the dangers of the spread of Sharia! All donations are welcome and greatly appreciated.

Part II coming soon.

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  • Dr.Abdul Malik

    E muslims must unite ourselves(Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, pakistan, Sudan , Indonesia , Malaysia, India, China, Albania, Algeria,Azerbaijan, Bahrain,bosnia,Brunei, Burkina faso,Guinea,Jordan, Kazakhstan, Gambia,Kosovo, kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Mali, ,Libya, lebanon,,Bangladesh,Djibouti,Chad, Comoros,)Mauritania, mayotte,Morocco, niger, Oman, senegal, sierra leone, Somalia, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Western Sahara, yemen,Uzbekistan, turkmenistan, Middle East North africa, (These are the nations with majority muslims )I did not include the other nations which are under 50% muslims. In total if we include all the muslims in the world- (1,619,314,000). (23%) in this world. We must form our own United Islamic Nation Organisation and solve our problems as you see the UNO(United Nations Organization ) Does nothing and we dont need any help from them (money nor protection) we got a sucessfull system called zakat can help ourselves. Hope i made myself clear what i wanted to say. check out

    • admin

      Yes, I agree on the point of helping yourself. The West should not be aiding Islamic countries at all.

    • Red Branch

      Zakat is used to fund Jihad and nothing but Jihad. Zakat, while being called a charity is anything but.

      Everybody knows that misfortunes fall upon Moslems whose faith is weak and to help them would be to contravene the will of Allah.

      It is a coming and before it is over, the Moslems will wish they were fighting the Charles Martel, the Tafurs, Richard the Lionhearted, John Sobeiski II, King of Poland. Because of the Tafurs, I probably have some Mohammadan in me.

  • Dr.Abdul Malik

    We Muslims Must unite not just for salah(Namaz) or Haj or for palestine or syria or egypt or iraq or iran or pakistan or somalia or Afghanistan But for Everything to improve the economy and everything of islamic nations (Unite Islamic Nations Organization)

    • admin

      I heard you the first time. Do you realize this is an anti-Islam site?

      • Red Banch

        I know about this site. I don’t usually last too long on pro-Moslem sites.

        • admin

          This is an anti-Islam site.

  • Red Branch

    I used to live in that area and my Grandparents lived there many years ago. I probably shopped in several of those establishments in better days. The only one I recognized was the market on 168th Street and Hillside.
    You would leave my Grandparents home, walk about 2 blocks to Hillside and walk a block to get on the bus. Get off at 179th Street and get on the Subway. Returning you would get off the Subway at 169th Street and get on the bus. The reason to get on the bus was to have a place to sit because everyone would get on at 179th Street. Of course back then, you always gave your seat to ladies, elderly, and the handicapped, should they be riding.

    The reason for that narrative is because I am familiar with the areas, but that is when it was primarily an Irish and Italian working class neighborhood.

    • admin

      You have obviously been there. lol