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Kuwaiti Islamic Scholar Calls for Nukes to Deal with Israel

Wait a second! How can this be? Is the Kuwaiti scholar of Islam not paying attention?! Did he not get the memo?! According to Pamela Geller of the Geller Report, and Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum (MEF), the Abraham Accords (so called peace deals between Israel and a handful of Muslim majority countries) were supposed to bring peace to the Middle East. Obviously they haven’t. In fact they have made things worse.

Hannity: “Take Their Oil!”~ Video

I have been saying for years that NO Islamic countries are allies of ours. That they smile as they have their hands out but throw another dagger in our back as we turn and walk away. As you watch the video, you will see how Kuwait and Iraq are making fools of us. In the video, Hannity also mentions the two-faced Saudis. If we ever come to the point in which we have a President with the guts to confront them, here is a plan that he or she might follow.