Trump’s 2020 Ramadan Message ~ Refuted

Right off the bat I want to say that I support President Trump. That does not mean that I blindly support him, or every action taken by him though. I also believe that no one is beyond criticism and that being that no one is perfect, we need to voice our opinions in order to get politicians to back us on certain issues. Islam being one of them.

Sadly once again though President Trump is showing respect for an ideology that incites hatred against most of America.

This coming just a few years after he said accurately stated “Islam hates us”.

Peace? Kindness? Love and Respect?

As you can see like our so called Saudi allies, the White House is attempting to white-wash Islam.

When people say “Islam means peace”, I ask them to define this so called peace under Islam. Because what they do not tell us is that “peace” under Islam is a forced “peace”. In other words allow Islam to dominate as it calls for.

Accept Islamic dominance or else…..

Yes, the term “fight” being used here includes physical warfare, AKA as the violent jihad.

Kindness in Islam

Amputations Koran 5:38

Lashings Koran 24:2

Love and respect in Islam

Koran 5:51, as per Tafsir (scholarly interpretation and explanation of the Koran) al – Jalalayn

Further backed up by the world-renowned Tafsir Ibn Kathir.

Respect in Islam

Koran 9:29

For those who do not know jizya is a poll tax that is levied upon non-Muslims under Islamic rule. The penalty for non-payment can be death.

Only the truth will set our future generations free from the shackles of Islam. A truth that must be told to Team Trump. Please contact them by clicking here. Inaction is no longer an option.

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Thank you,

Christopher Logan

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