Many U.S. Prisons Deny Muslim Inmates Halal Food and Proper Prayer

Yes, I fully understand that as of now Islam is protected by its golden shield of religion status. A status that could end up being the death of America as we know it. Because unfortunately history shows us that respecting Islam as a religion and allowing Muslim immigration is a slow cultural suicide.

There are currently 195 countries on the planet today. 50 of them are Muslim majorities. That did not happen overnight. Today we see that Muslims are selfishly changing the West to suit Islam. So my question to you is how can the stealth jihad that is taking place across America be stopped as long as Islam is allowed to retain its religion status?

Personally I do not see us winning this war within the law (that is NOT a call to violence) as long as Islam is allowed to retain its religion status. As one Islamic demand leads to another Islamic demand. If not stopped one day we wake up and we will not recognize our own neighborhood. Just as Tommy Robinson said about his childhood hometown of Luton England.

What the prison is doing is the way it should legally be. No concessions to Islam.

A new report on Muslim prisoners from civil rights organization Muslim Advocates has revealed alarming truths about Muslim experiences in U.S. prisons.


The study also looked into the ways that Muslims are treated within prisons across the country finding that “numerous muslim prisoners face obstacles to practicing faith.” Muslim Advocates found that the most commonly reported form of discrimination against Muslim prisoners involved prisons’ refusal to comply with Muslim dietary restrictions. Out of 163 Muslim prisoner cases that were brought to federal court and evaluated in the study, nearly 40 percent involved food. The study’s findings come after a report last year that a prison in Alaska was purposely starving Muslim prisoners during Ramadan by giving them pork sandwiches and not providing them with enough calories to sustain themselves while fasting.

They could have just eaten the pork. They didn’t because this is not about nutrition. It is about power and change.

Muslim Advocates also found that incarcerated Muslims were regularly denied requests to observe Eid al-Fitr, while Christian holiday requests were routinely approved.

The study also found that many Muslim prisoners experience obstacles to prayer and worship, often due to intentional and discriminatory practices on behalf of prisons and guards. In one cited case, Muslim prisoners were forced to pray outside, often in extreme weather conditions, and, in another, Muslims were banned from praying inside their cells. The study also noted two prisoners who were once limited to one religious service per week as a form of punishment.

Again, this is all about power and change. Because Mohammad said that the earth is a Mosque. (Which for the record contradicts Jesus.)

The Book of Mosques and Places of Prayer

Hudhaifa reported:

The Messenger of Allah (may peace be npon him) said: We have been made to excel (other) people in three (things): Our rows have been made like the rows of the angels and the whole earth has been made a mosque for us, and its dust has been made a purifier for us in case water is not available. And he mentioned another characteristic too

As I said, one Islamic demand leads to another…..

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