US Embassy in Cairo to Logan’s Warning…. (Republish from 03/28/12)

In the wake of the Islamic attack on our embassy in Cairo I am republishing this article from March. Last night I Tweeted them and asked how their Muslim “allies” were doing. This time they did not respond.

Unfortunately I will fully admit that we infidels are losing the war with Islam, for now. There are numerous reasons that we are losing, and some of those factors are an incompetent and Muslim trained media, along with our universities being Islam influenced as well. But they all stem back to the main IslamoCON. The Islam is a religion of peace con. A statement that has set our great country back over a decade in the war with Islam.

Recently I was on Twitter and saw a Tweet from the US Embassy in Cairo. I sent them one about Islam being a threat, and ending Muslim immigration. The following was their response:

(Click on image 2x to enlarge)

Now I know they are not going to criticize Islam while being in Egypt, but they did not have to respond at all and further what may be the greatest lie ever told.  I also understand that Muslims believe the forced “peace” of Islam is fine, but I do not. Forced “peace” is not “peace”. It is a life of fear, oppression, and violence. It is a life we infidels will never accept!

I believe the US Embassy meant what they said, and wants to remain in that fantasy land. When I asked them if they have ever read a Koran, they pulled a Harry Houdini on me. We will never win the war, until we name the enemy. That enemy is Islam!



4 comments for “US Embassy in Cairo to Logan’s Warning…. (Republish from 03/28/12)

    • September 13, 2012 at 6:10 pm

      This tweet from our embassy is something I would expect to receive from the Saudi Embassy, not the US Embassy. But they are honest: What they said reflects the beliefs of the Obama administration, and likely the Bush administration before that.

      If Islam is a religion of peace, I’m a Bolshoi ballerina. That is absolutely bull pucky pandering propaganda. We need a solid house cleaning in Washington, especially the State Department. If not even ACT for America can face the truth of Islam, how can we expect our liberal, infiltrated government face the truth?

  1. LCH
    September 15, 2012 at 12:06 am

    My guess is the person doing the Tweeting is a Muslim and most likely veiled! Ain’t that just grand! The Flag is a disgrace to our country! The damn country is going to hell in a hand basket —

  2. jaeger
    September 18, 2012 at 9:44 pm

    The Looney Left Embassy,as gmfucci aptly quoted,reflects the beliefs of the Obama administration, with the Chief being a Muslim.

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