UK Muslims to Those That Stand Against Islam: You are Digging Your Own Graves~ Video

The lovely ladies of the UK’s Campaign Islam group, have put together this video warning for those that fight Islam. If you do not have the time to watch the entire video, please watch from the 8:30 mark on.

  • George

    Bring it ON, LADIES… and that goes to your worthless leaders too.

  • ChrisLA

    For all the praise of the Quran in the video there was not a single quote that promoted peace or understanding between people of different faiths. It was all hate and vengeance.

    If Muslims want love-based respect, they must present something admirable about their ideology. If they want fear-based respect, they will never get it through terror because free people mock those who can only peddle a fear-based ideology. The world has abandoned that long ago.

    While I don’t endorse the burning of the Quran, I still say to Muslims, show me something good that comes from the Quran or the example of Muhammad.

    • Gary Rumain

      All the more reason to burn it, I say.

      And there were plenty of copies on the shelves they showed so it should be no problem.

    • Mike Townsend

      Here’s just a few quotes from the producer of this video:

      CampaignIslam1 (2 weeks ago)
      Our aim isnt just to change the west, we believe and call for all Muslims in the east to overthrow those so called muslim leaders and establish Islam.
      (Could she perhaps be talking about worldwide Islamic submission?)

      And here:

      2 days ago
      Who said anything about us being for freedom? – we the muslims are slaves of Allah, we submit ourselves to his command regardless of what anyone says or thinks, this “man-made” notition of freedom stems from the west. it is the west that calls for democracy and freedom yet it is very quick to infrindge the rights of those who practise it because it doesn’t conform to their agenda.
      Don’t practise what you don’t preach – we practise Islam and preach it.

      I had to laugh in the video when she stated “the mask of America’s foreign policy was ripped off after 9/11.” If one peeks behind the “peaceful” mask of Islam it tries to portray, one finds something very, very different indeed.

      • admin

        Pretty sad, huh?

  • Carol Crusader

    Muslims, you do not know the truth of your own history. Mahomet was not a prophet of the True God. He was rejected by Him and so he created his own politico-religion and forced submission or death on others. You do the same. You say you want tolerance, but you refuse to give tolerance to others. If you would read the Bible and compare it to your Koran, you might just learn something that would change your opinion. But your leaders won’t allow you to do so out of fear.

  • Maria Nerdrum

    The west did not create the robot because it was already created by Islam 1400 years ago. Now we have a world with 1.5 billion robots. This video is only a testimony of this!

    • Pål

      Well said Maria,
      but I think the number
      of Muslims has passed
      1.5 billions. It might
      be closer to 2.0 billions.

      • Gary Rumain

        Its actually less than that.

        Arselifters love to spout takiya about their numbers for obvious reasons.

  • Dawn

    Robots–that’s what they are–programed to not think or feel (even feel the heat under those burkas, whew!)
    But what I wanted to point out is that last
    sign & message to us:
    Freedom can go to hell? What more is there to say—That’s how you make Robots
    A human being in a free society must think–otherwise there is no human.

  • Elmers Brother

    The lions of jihad…my ass…more like the pussies of jihad. Hiding behind women and children, wearing women’s clothes with bombs underneath them.

    Tell Mohammed he shoudn’t have stolen from all the other religious scriptures of his day, he’s nothing more than a thief.

    • Gary Rumain

      Not only a thief, but a liar, pedophile, pederast, murderer, terrorist, etc. You name the evil, he did it.

    • Koala Bear

      Deep down they know they are wrong – why else do they all cover their faces. Cowards that’s what they are. Cowards. Any muslims reading this – God will destroy islam when you attack Israel – your jihadis will die in a flood and Saudi Arabia will be obliterated – wait and see then you will know how powerful God really is. Good luck.

  • Davida

    If I had a koran I certainly would not burn it. Hell, I might run out of toilet paper one day and that drivel would come in handy.

    • Wim Peeters

      Pieces of bacon, pigsfeet will do as well. It’s very cheap and your neighbors are not going to like it when you drop it into their post box. Do what you can do, right now. Don’t just plan but do something to make their lives to a living hell.

      • Gary Rumain

        Ramadamadingdong’s a hard time for them. Especially if you eat or drink in front of them. I understand they aren’t even allowed to smoke or chew gum.

        Order a ham pizza on their behalf. Have it delivered to their door well before sunset!

        • Wim Peeters

          Thanks for the wonderful idea, Gary.

        • Sharon Hanna

          Wish I could afford a hundred pizzas. About noon or 3pm delivery.

          • Gary Rumain

            Drink a beer in front of them instead.

            They also don’t like dogs – especially black dogs with a white patch above an eye. Walk around with on in their presence.

    • Druk

      Oh this would be really bad energy to your body,please don´t,laughs,it´s highly toxic as it is a source of great evil itself!

  • Robin Shadowes

    Yes, burka-bints, I got the message, loud and clearly. This is my answer to you:


  • theconspiracy03

    Those face veils should also come with a tennis ball to stuff in that witches mouth. God her voice is ANNOYING.

    If we are digging our own graves I only have this to say… I would rather be six feet under than to ever be dominated by that Lucifer worshiping, Satanic religion known as “Islam”.

    • AmericanMe

      amen on that!

  • PatriotUSA

    If we are digging our own graves I only have this to say… I would rather be six feet under than to ever be dominated by that Lucifer worshiping, Satanic religion known as “Islam”.

    Agreed and I will fight this perversion
    until my last breath, gladly and with
    pleasure. This video proves that islam wipes
    out all individuality and individual
    thinking. A backwater ideology still
    ruminating in the 7th century.

    • Druk

      I totally agree,only those who are really aware of deep harm it has done to humanity (and the cultures it has smashed for more than a thousand years)do realize Islam is the death to all freedom.

  • Wim Peeters

    We don’t burn a Qur’an every day. But what we do is to drop pigfeet in our muslimneigbours post box. Lately they destroyed lots of cars in our neighbourhoud, while trying to protect their own cars by putting a Qur’an behind their front window.
    That doesn’t protect them anyway. Everytime one of our cars is damaged by a muslimpig, we do the same to them. Muslimthugs also steal our mail. We started doing the same to them. Don’t be a dimmy. Fight back !!! They’re not used to get back what they did to us. That time is over now. It’s payback time !!! An eye for an eye !

    • Gary Rumain

      You have to up the ante. Go one more until they either get the hint or explode.

      • Wim Peeters

        Untill now we just gave them back what they did to us. But it’s a good idea to go further until they explode. Actually, they did that already. Yet, we’ll go further to chase them out of the neighborhood. Most of our people just complain but don’t do anything against the muslimpigs. This new way of dealing with them is not what they’re used to. PAYBACK TIME FOR MUSLIMS !!!

        • Gary Rumain

          Burn a koran and leave brunt pages (but still noticeably clear that they’re from the koran) in their letter boxes.

          Hmm … if you leave some ham in their letter boxes will they ever touch them again? Could also try that on the door handles of their cars.

          • Wim Peeters

            You’ve got the message. Time for action now.

  • Pierre

    I can hardly wait for the followers of olllah and mohammmmmet to attack.
    That will be the day that I can finally start shooting back instead of listen to all that fairytale bullshit

    • Wim Peeters

      Don’t wait. Do today what you can do today. 254 militants are making our muslimfriends live to a living hell. Join us, wherever you live. Muslimthugs are everywhere !!!

  • Pierre

    Instead of digging my own grave, I will ofcourse hire a couple of moslims to do it for me. They are corrupt as hell, so that should be easy

  • juniper

    Thanks! Shared!! ;))

    • admin

      Thank you. :)

  • IainUK

    Isn’t Photoshop a wonderful invention.

  • Fran_Ingram

    “Islam is on the way to dominate the world, the great superpower of the world, the great Islamic state”
    “The Koran is the electricity that charges the Moslems.”
    Interesting video, Chris. Thanks for the post.
    Like the FBI have been telling us, there are not usually many threats from Moslems they take seriously within the US, but there are plenty of wild types like this woman who are angry that the US Moslems are trying to seem so peaceful.
    How will it all play out?
    We shall see….. me sooner than you, maybe, since I am a member of DWOC.

    • Gary Rumain

      Hmm … burn korans to generate electricity.

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  • Beema

    you know, I can’t even be bothered to listen to that muslim bitch in fact all she relates is what muslims are doing all over the world, raping, killing executing, stealing lying. She is so stupid and brainwashed and if she and her ilk think that we in the West are going to sit back and let them slaughter us, she is so wrong. Bring it on bitch.

    • christine

      Well said Beema!! Do they think we’re shaking in our shoes? This video is almost comical in its pathetic attempt to SCARE THE PANTS OFF US!! Oh gee, I’m frightened!! Whatever will we do!! What a sorry bunch of cowards.

      • AmericanMe

        lock & load!

  • When*Pigs*Fly

    Well, silly, oppressed, hysterical female fool, I have to agree that izlam is the best at some things.
    Best murderers
    Best Liars
    Best & most brainwashed hence mozombies
    Best usurpers
    Best hypocrites
    Best oppressors of women
    Best pedophiles
    Best stoners, beheaders, amputators and facilitators of acid in the face of young schoolgirls & burning young schoolgirls alive
    Best rapists
    etc., etc., etc.,

    Yep, absolutely the best nation the koran can hope to produce through it’s millions of brainwashed troglodytes. You should be very proud.

    • AmericanMe

      She needs to shut up and go get laid by a western man!

  • Darrell

    Better to die on my feet than live life on my knees. You want us to submit? well come and make us.

  • Cecilie

    What a bunch of deeply dreary people. Whatever would they do if the world suddenly became muslim? Looking for perceived slights, spending their days searching for cartoons, using their lives to hunt down people who have laughed at them.
    What would they do if infidels were no longer around? They can’t live without violence, so they would have to turn on each other … oh yeah. Right. Already doing that.

    Take the violence out of the koran and what do you get? A leaflet.

    • admin

      Welcome to the site Cecilie!

  • Darrell

    Some of you have probably already seen this stuff but for them that haven’t here is some candid islam in action WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC I PROMISE YOU WILL FEEL SICK.

    And for all you pig fucking muslims that might see this I dare you to try to explain it all away I know you can’t.

    Admin sorry about the language but I was so pissed beyond understanding when I saw some of this.

  • Dio

    “Muslims will not rest until they have achieved a victory”

    Be prepared to be pretty damn tired then.

    Also,anyone who announces their intentions to “dominate the world”, aside from coming across like a Bond villain, cannot claim to be peaceful, against war or any other delightful little storybook claims. With intentions like that, you are nothing but a bunch of Tyrants, and people following a faith based on the teachings of a war mongering, animal urine drinking, women beating, murdering paedophile makes about as much sense as following a religion started by Peter Sutcliffe.

    • eib

      They don’t confess their sins.
      Instead, they kill people.
      They believe in the redemption of the soul not through love, but through violence.
      Islam is diametrically opposed to Christianity.

      • Nordlys

        Islam is diametrically opposed to almost all religions

  • ragburner

    More spouting drivel from yet another follower of the ‘true faith’.
    I have never hear so much bollox in all my life!
    As a religion, islam has done nothing but teach hate & distrust, as a people, the honerable muslim has done NOTHING positive for the human race. I dont call beastiality (camel rape) positive.
    Nothing more than ‘a blott (or a speck of fly shit) on the landscape that is human endevour’
    I thank you…….

  • Alexander

    Mad Crazed Fucks . there will be no peace untill they Perish !!

  • Simon

    She sounds like she’s really gagging for a shag, I might have to burn one now just to get her in the mood :-)

  • RichErich

    I love how she goes straight from “Islam is a Religion of peace” To what their going to do to the non-believers!

  • IslamHater

    Islam will fall!!!!! Blow the Dome!! Stand up against islam!

  • eib

    And Islam claims perfect peace and compassion!
    I call perfect bullshit.

  • mary

    if the bitch in the video was standing before id bitch-slap her! also when those muslims talk , they sound like they are are bringing up phlegm ! … those people are all a mentally disturbed bunch… we should not allow any muslims past or borders, pure & simple. they dont want to assimilate into our society , they only want to take & demand everything…they will only be happy when they have turned our country & the rest of the world into one of sharia law .. just look dearborn mi .it has the highest population of muslims in the nation..
    i had a friend that went back home there after so many yrs & she was appalled at how it looks totally islamic … from the sights & sounds everywhere …totally frightening..look at this article it talks about how muslim prayer will soon be cast over loudspeakers in the city of hamatrack mi! the city council voted unamimously in favor…

  • salem

    do what ever you want 2 do this is not men,s manor you should be aware the Islam will raise again .

    and dont talk bad about Muslim READ he holy quran and you will understand .

    i cant say bad thing about your religion cause i believe in all the religion but there is only one god. Read THEN JUDGE the ISLAM

    • Roger Anderson

      Many of us here have read the koran and do understand how evil it is because of that. Apparently you either haven’t or you don’t understand what is or is not evil.

  • Muslim

    Islam is the best religion in the world who is aginst Islam come on field i will see

    • Reverend Dan

      islam is no religion, just an EVIL CULT

      • eib

        Need proof?

        800 Christians murdered so far in Nigeria in 2012.
        Across Africa, the mass murder of Christians is a common occurrence.
        The Romans tried this when Christianity began– murder, murder, more murder . . . it didn’t work.
        If anything, it helped the religion to grow.
        Persecution was the mother’s milk of our faith, not conquest.
        We will bury the Ummah.

        • eib

          Oh yes, WE WILL!

        • Reverend Dan

          AMEN!!!!!!! Well said eib!!!

      • Nordlys

        Islam is nazism.

    • admin