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Texas Public School Whitewashing of Mohammad Exposed!

Who was Mohammad? Recently I have seen a lot of online talk over whether Islam should be taught in our public schools. I think it should be taught, but portrayed as the threat it is. Just as Nazism was taught…

Brooklyn NY: Al-Noor Islamic School Part II~ Bringing in the Islamic Culture

This article is part II to a December 14Th posting entitled “Brooklyn NY: Al Noor Islamic School~ Spreading the Islamic History of War and Conquest~ Part I”. We closed the last thread, talking about how the students there are being taught about Islamic war and conquest. But don’t worry guys the school’s code number is 330561. Which means it is state approved, and we all know that since it is legal, it could never be harmful to the US in anyway…

Brooklyn NY: Al Noor Islamic School~ Spreading the Islamic History of War and Conquest~ Part I

As promised, here is my continuing series on Islamic schools in America. Today’s subject is the Al Noor Islamic school, located at 675 4th Avenue Brooklyn NY.

Lets see what they are all about. From their home page.

Al-Noor has attained a K-12 status, and established itself as the largest Islamic School in New York with a student population of 623 (Elementary School: 435 students; High School: 188 students). Al-Noor is very much concerned with the general academic development of its students, their morals, values, and identity as Muslims. The efforts of the administration and faculty have proven that Al-Noor can offer its students a quality education to enter the best colleges, InshaAllah.

Northwestern University Appoints First Muslim Chaplain

In the continued slow suicide of Western Civilization, Northwestern University has appointed a Muslim chaplain to represent the Muslim community on campus, (make demands in favor of Islam). In the past Tahera Ahmad was a leader of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago, whose website details their 16 point plan to silence the critics of Islam. The Council is also trying to curtail the sales of alcohol in their area. Did anyone at the university bother to ask Tahera if she is against Sharia Law? Of course not, that would be “offensive”.

Texas Takes Aim at anti-Christian, Pro-Islamic Textbooks

Approximately an hour ago I posted about the Hartford Common Council dropping Islamic prayers from the Monday meeting, after being pressured by non-Muslims. Now in Texas we see of another example of America turning against Islam. This time it is in the classrooms, which is obviously great news for our side.