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Update: Mass. Governor Says Yes to all Muslim Demands!

Here is the update to the “Mass: Governor to Hold Massive Mosque Meeting With 1000 Muslims” article. In today’s political climate, this is no surprise though, and if this were not such a serious issue, this would all be comical. In Governor Patrick we have another cowardly politician, that does not even have the sense to think past the day that he is in, and be concerned about his family’s future generations, being forced to live under Islamic rule. To make matters worse, the Muslims disrespected him by ordering him how to answer, and he went with it. What a weakling. Please call or email his office, and voice your anti-Islamic opinion. The contact info can be found HERE. Thank you.

Mass: Governor to Hold Massive Mosque Meeting With 1000 Muslims

I have stated over and over, that Islam is a two-tier threat. One being violent Muslims, the other is the political aspect of Islam. The political threat of Islam, is an even bigger threat to life as we know it, than potential suicide bombers. Governor Patrick is meeting with them, and they are coming with a list of demands. A list that will be never ending. Lets face it guys, Muslims are here to takeover, and our Constitution is not protecting us from Islam, it is actually enabling it. The rules need to change, or America will continue to change to suit Islam.