Hashtag Campaign #1 vs. The Islamic Circle of North America ~ Dallas!

As stated Muslims are running a well-funded 24/7 Islamic propaganda machine. One of its arms being the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA). For those who do not know who ICNA is:

ICNA, Destruction From Within 

ICNA has established a reputation for bringing anti-American radicals to speak at its annual conferences. Moreover, experts have long documented the organization’s ties to Islamic terrorist groups. Yehudit Barsky, a terrorism expert at the American Jewish Committee, has said that ICNA “is composed of members of Jamaat e-Islami, a Pakistani Islamic radical organization similar to the Muslim Brotherhoodthat helped to establish the Taliban.” (Pakistani newspapers have reported that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, a leading architect of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, was offered refuge in the home of Jamaat e-Islami’s leader, Ahmed Quddoos.) On September 27, 1997, another Pakistani Islamist leader, Maulana Shafayat Mohamed, played host to an ICNA conference at his Florida-based fundamentalist madrassa(religious school), which served as a recruitment center for Taliban fighters.

Also as stated Muslims are using our media against us, as they have turned our freedoms into tools of Islam. Today we learn that ICNA has started a new hashtag and billboard campaign, aimed at misleading the public into believing Islam is about equality.

Islamic Circle of North America Wants to set the Record Straight on Islam

The Dallas Islamic Circle of North America Dallas recently launched an outreach campaign to convey the true message of Islam in response to the 2016 presidential election campaign.  Circle members point out that some speeches and debates have fueled hatred and intolerance of Muslims.

Islam is hatred, and Muslim immigration is cultural destruction. So yes, it should and must be opposed.

To combat the misinformation, ICNA put up 12 billboards last week along major Dallas-Fort Worth highways with the message, #YouDeserveToKnow, Islam = Racial Equality. ICNA wants to stress that racism has no place in Islam.

For the rest.


What they fail to mention is that Islam discriminates on the basis of gender and religion.

Some examples of this are the following:

Koran 4:34


Please show me the verse in which Muslim wives can strike their husbands. (Not that I am advocating the violence. Just making a point.)

Religious “equality” in Islam

Koran 9:29 ~ 9:30 Tafsir Ibn Kathir




Equality in Islam? Islam is all about dominance over the unbelievers, whether we like it or not.

Koran 9:33


Now it is time to let ICNA we will not sit silently as they attempt to mislead America. So here are the pertinent links and suggested hashtags for this campaign. Please voice your opinion, but no threats. Thank you!

ICNA Dallas Twitter account.

The author of the article Deborah Fleck’s Twitter account.

The Dallas News Twitter account.

Suggested hashtags: #YouDeservetoKnow #Islam #NAI #Loganswarning #AlJazeera



14 comments for “Hashtag Campaign #1 vs. The Islamic Circle of North America ~ Dallas!

  1. DRinTX
    November 4, 2016 at 7:59 am

    Christians! Call the hotline and tell the person who answers about the salvation that the true and living God offers all mankind through grace by faith in Jesus Christ! They want us to call, let’s call and tell them the Gospel. DON’T WASTE A CHANCE to tell the Muslims about salvation! Time is running out, our mission is running out of time. Jesus is coming back soon!

  2. K Hill
    November 16, 2016 at 1:04 pm

    Yeah, racial equality as long as you believe the same as they do. So this is a lie that they don’t qualify their belief in racial equality based on whether they believe the same or not and not unconditional racial equality. They apparently intentionally left off the “If you believe the same we do,” qualifier before “we believe in racial equality”. And we all see how tolerant of the Jewish race. It’s one huge pile of stinking lie.

  3. 55thparallel
    January 31, 2017 at 5:06 pm

    There is zero equality in islam

  4. DeeAnna
    February 19, 2017 at 6:55 am

    The ICNA is part of the global Islamic community..
    An offshoot of the OIC, serving Islam’s global interests in America..
    The collective effort of the Islamic community is global Islamic rule.
    A globalization effort which began with Muhammad!
    The infidels of the world and many who call themselves Muslim are being deceived in a major and criminal manor by the “house of Islam” which includes the OIC , CAIR, the ICNA and the Islamic Foundation of North America and on..
    That deception begins with Muhammad.. a obvious warlord .. whom the Islamic empire assures the non Muslim world as a “prophet of peace ” we know from Islam’s own historical records that Muhammad was an evil genius a warlord.. and in general a bad man so why should the world be forced to live a lie and pretend Muhammad was a prophet of Peace?
    We shouldn’t but the Islamic world believes we should.. and the OIC has the Oil the Money the power and western media as well as certain typically liberal leaders in their pocket..
    Part of the OIC’s global Islam effort is through, the deception .. a psychological warfare technique mastered by Muhammad .. they bribe the world into “accepting a peaceful Islam” ( non existent ) and once people accept it it comes in takes power starts taking control initatiating the violent , racist, sharia law.. laws designed to idolize Muhammad and his will.. another method of the global Islam project is through immigration Jihad,
    Also while western infidels play useful idiot and and battle amongst themselves .. the OIC which is controlled by Saudi Arabia pushes global Sharia finance.. they are reaching that goal thanks to western self imposed dhimmi idiots who run around chanting the praises of Islam with out bothering to tell the simple truth About it!
    The Islamic world floods the world with pro Islam anti non Muslim hate propaganda all the while demanding protection from criticism .. from critics like me..

  5. Tewodros
    February 21, 2017 at 3:21 pm

    9:14? Which you are using out of context?

    They got one for that one, too.


    I’m pretty sure you didn’t even read the links.

    • admin
      February 21, 2017 at 3:25 pm

      I addressed the links, so I obviously read them. Nice try. Koran is for all times. So those actions stand for all times.

      • Tewodros
        February 21, 2017 at 3:50 pm

        The stuff that says, “O you who believe” is for all times, dude. Get that through your thick monkey skull. And no, I’m not a hatemonger. I’m got a girlfriend, plenty of friends, and they support me for who I am. They also say that discriminating against one because of their religion doesn’t mean you represent the best of your people. It means that you represent the worst of humankind.

        • admin
          February 21, 2017 at 3:56 pm

          Getting angry?

          The Koran is for all times. https://loganswarning.com/2009/12/16/imam-of-north-london-central-mosque-koran-is-for-all-time/ Now who are you again? I mean you have ZERO friends on FB, so you must be world renowned.

          Sure you are. You attempt to justify every hate-filled verse in the Koran.

          Fact is that Islam discriminates against Christians and Jews. (Once again you expose yourself for the fraud you are.) Yet Koran 3:110 states Muslims are the best of mankind. Thanks for admitting that is far from the truth!

  6. admin
    February 21, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    Nice spin. 1. I did not say 9:30 was a call to violence, I said it is hatred which is what it is. But I do not expect honesty from you. Good work on avoiding the part about 9:14. Don’t worry, no one will ever notice. lol You are just too slick.

    Evidence shows you were attempting to justify them. Violence and pure hatred. You get NO support here.

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