Brave Brits hit the Streets to Counter Sharia Patrols! Britain First!

Friends, today we complete the British “hat trick” of anti-Islam good news that has recently come out of the UK. First, we read about the brave British politician Paul Weston who spoke the absolute truth by stating, in order to save itself Europe must ban Islam.


Secondly we were informed that three Moronic Muslims were in arrested in the UK for trying to impose Sharia.

Now we here at Logan’s Warning get what I feel is the most excited aspect of the “hat trick”! The powerful rise of the Britain First Political Party ~ Street Defence Team!

Hat tip to Michael C.


Already closing in on 70K “likes” on Facebook, the party is clearly a breath of fresh air, well organized, and most importantly, not pulling any punches when it comes to Islam in the UK!

Houses of Parrliament 1623307_399151116896822_349032665_n

These Brave Brits are even taking it to the streets in an armored vehicle. In order to counter the still existing Muslim Sharia patrols!

RT can try to spin it all they want, but this is an organization the UK desperately needs, as Muslims will not stop pushing! Keep the Britishness in Britain mates!

Storm coming 1011855_398963673582233_146085201_n (1)

To learn more about Britain First, you can head to their website by clicking HERE, or to their Facebook page by clicking HERE.



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Robin Shadowes
8 years ago

We can also add the latest message from Mr Condell: You can shove your religion up your Khyber Pass!

S R Wakankar
8 years ago

Islam and Arab Islam are not the same but two different things. They are like two different brands of what we know as Islam. Arab Islam is “for the Arab/by the Arab/of the Arab”. It has nothing to do with the non-Arab or his world.
True/real/most authentic Islam is the great ancient religious tradition of Hindu India which starts with the Holy Vedas and is in the classical language of India-Sanskrit. This Sanskrit Islam is the most authentic true Islam we have. Arab Islam is just 1400 years old; this Vedic Islam of Hindu India is 14000 years old.
It is like the Original Copy and the photo-copy. Hindu Islam (the great non-Arab religious tradition of non-Arab Asia) is the Original Copy. Non-Koranic/non-Arab/non-Muhammedan Islam of non-Arab Asia. AfPak region is its birth-place.
We don’t know this because of the Medieval anti-Indian Arab/Muslim Imperialism. Hindu India became the top target of JIhad soon after the birth of Arab Islam in 7th cen. Arabia but thanks to the great “Hindu” word, severe resistance was offered to the jihadi invaders and Hindu India survived in spite of Muslim rule for so many centuries.