Traitors Among us #1: Jihadiffanclub

It is abundantly clear that there is Sharia campaign taking place across America. It is also abundantly clear that those who want Sharia, and or support Islamic terrorist organizations are traitors to America. So tonight I have decided to start the Logan’s Warning “Traitors Among us” series. Targeting those who selfish and disrespectfully want Islam to dominate to America, whether we like it or not. The first segment belongs to YouTube’s Jihadifanclub. This is my second post on the Sharia loving,  Al Qaeda supporting traitor to America.

  • jihadifanclub

    jihadifanclub 43 minutes ago

    You seem to not know much about politics. “Al Queda” is simply the mujahideen who want to unify the Muslims under Islam. Where ever Muslims try to unify under an Islamic system they are called “terrorist”. Do you really think the West is going to allow Muslims to unify and get strong under an Caliphate system? No. They want the Muslims to stay weak and divided so they can control our resources. Al Queda is the solution to the Muslims problems.

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    Feel free to report any suspicious activity to the FBI. Thank you!

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