Pro-Sharia Rallies Take Place Across Pakistan

Here is a video and picture update to the “Pro-Sharia Rallies to Take Place Across Pakistan” story.

Hizb ut-Tahrir Khilafah Rallies across Pakistan

Hizb ut-Tahrir held country wide Khilafah Rallies on Friday 5th November 2010. These rallies were held under the title of ‘Real change- Khilafah’s establishment will mark the end of American agent rulers’.

Through these rallies people will be informed that the ‘real change’ is only possible through the establishment of Khilafah. Khilafah will sever the NATO supply-line within hours of its establishment. It will suffocate America by joining hands with the people of the Tribal areas and Baluchistan. Oil, gas, electricity power plants, gold, copper, coal and other minerals will be declared public property. Payment of money against interest based loans will be stopped. Unjust taxes like income tax, sales tax will be abolished and Islamic laws of revenue such as Kharaj, Usher and Zakat will be implemented and the Khilafah will work day and night to unite all the Muslim countries and then it will emerge as the greatest power of the world inshAllah.

Naveed Butt (Hizb ut-Tahrir Wilayah Pakistan) speaks in Lahore about the aim of yesterday’s Khilafat rallies.






Here are a couple of comments left by Muslims about these rallies.

Hamid Niazi said:

5th November, The Khilafah RALLY,
The day came, over 40 was the final TALLY.

From Karachi, Peshawar, LAHORE,
Islamabad & Pindi did the faithful POUR!

The Rulers in DESPAIR tried to create FEAR,
Brothers were TESTED as 7 were ARRESTED,
But still they answered the CALL,
“Damn Rulers” you are Destined to FALL!

Pious Brothers recorded are your DEEDS,
The Day of Judgement When others will beg and make PLEADS!
I pray you will not have NEEDS,
So remain steadfast in the LEAD.

There is no Doubt this Nizam will be REPLACED,
Islam and Khilafah will be EMBRACED,
The Quran, Our Prophet & Islam will no longer be DEFACED.
Our Brothers & Sisters PROTECTED,
Our Mothers & Fathers RESPECTED.

So Join this Work & gain the honour of a MARTYR,
Allah will Bless us in the HEREAFTER!

Oh Allah make us of “As Haab Al YAMEEN”,
And make our Imaan firm in the UNSEEN.


mz said:

The Victory is near inshAllah!

Here is an idea, how about we stop funding this country?

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